University of Alabama rejects $26.5M from donor critical of abortion ban


University of Alabama is giving back a record, multimillion dollar contribution, including a portion. It has yet to receive NPR's, Debbie Elliott reports the school is refunding, the money because the source, it's top donor has called for a boycott over the state's strict new abortion ban. The university of Alabama board of trustees voted to return twenty six point five million dollars to Hugh Culverhouse junior of Florida investor. And lawyer is name will also be stripped from the law school Culverhouse, call on students around the country to boycott the campus after the state banned most abortions at any stage of pregnancy with no exceptions for cases of rape, or incest. Some sixty percent of Alabama students are from out of state university officials say the school had nothing to do with the abortion law, and that there was an ongoing dispute with Culverhouse over how his donation would be

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