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Eyes of an entire nation. Ready to celebrate the warriors needed something extraordinary. Sure six points is only two threes and Stephan Klay made three in a row. But you were watching you knew they were done, and they weren't there were still alive, and yet and speaking with Steph listening to Steve Kerr GM, Bob Myers, something inside them. Had died when Kevin Durant went death. Yes. I choose that word with intent to because their tone and their words were reminiscent of a funeral. They were crushed that their guy had come back after a month away. Look spectacular then went down in a heap which ends his season buyer said blame me through his tears press conference. Unlike any seen that, I can recall clearly, he was aware that everybody seemed to be looking for someone to blame for what happened. They forced him to come back. They shouldn't have played him if that was a possibility. Well, let's handle that who forced him to come back. Exactly the guy who showed up to Rucker to grab a run in the summer who lives to play pick up anywhere, anytime with anybody, who's joyfully dancing with his teammates before the game he was being held hostage. Forced to go. I don't believe that to be true. None of us know with the teams physicians and players do what the specifics of the injury work with the specific risks were we can't know it was a killer was on the verge of going whenever he got back out there. Now this summer playing pickup next season. But it did. And it sucks. And they're surely more eloquent way to say if not more accurately down three one on the shelf for month with this injury. You're one of if not the best players on the planet only, you know what you feel physically and emotionally. What I've legations Kevin Durant feel internally to get back out there and try to save the day how much of the chatter did he hear. I don't know. Maybe looking so good. The gates was the worst thing that could have happened because it tricked everybody into believing. Everything was the strength of the mind, overcoming the weakness of the body. Then one basketball moving, it's all anybody wanted was to see both sides with all hands on deck. We got it for a quarter and change. And it was magic while last. Now, the butterfly effect is seismic through the remainder of the finals n beyond what

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