Mom Arrested For Confronting Bullies at Son's School

Joey Hudson


Frustrated by what she believed was bullying her third grade son with fewer than three weeks left in the school year, an upstate mom, Jamie. Rathburne entered green by Brier elementary school, and confronted his classmates. She then left and was arrested three days later, she was charged with disturbing schools and booked into the rainbow county detention center before being released on personal recognizance bond. Ms rathburne, says that she regrets or actions, but remains concerned about bullying for her son, and other children, and that she's disappointed in the response. She's gotten from the green will county school district. Joining me for few minutes morning, Jamie. Rathburne, good morning. How are you? Good morning, I've been better. So. So this house like you have had better days. So MS rathburne, walk me through this, obviously, your son has had some issues there 'em. Bullying really is. That's a big issue in school these days, right? I think it is. I wanna losing kids less than right, the suicide. And it all boils down to go lee-ing. These kids aren't having the mental health they need to be able to deal with these difficult life situations that they come across. And if we don't provide the them the tools that they need now how do we expect them to function at nineteen and twenty nine in the real world? So your son was having some issues there were some kids bullying him at school. All year. And had you talk with teachers and administrators about this. Yes, we had several emails. I had several meetings, I had emailed, the assistant superintendent and anytime I had asked the superintendent about how to grow it at filing a formal an administrative complaint. The conversation got pushed to another topic another part of the conversation. And because you know, they're you know, there's been going on for long. So I'm emotional. And I don't bring it back to that point until I still yet to find out how to go about doing that. I still yet to find out and they're like, oh, we give you this information at the beginning of year. I'm like that's a long time ago. Do you know how much paper I have and just one year? You know what I mean? Full again, and how much time could it take for them to give it to you again? I if you need. So you so you weren't getting a response from the teachers the administrators they responded, but I don't feel as though they responded appropriately to nor it because they were the kids, we're trying to get a reaction out of him. And that's all s hard to do sometimes as a kid. I mean you can't just ignore boys. All right. So this was happening. You weren't getting the response that you felt like you needed. They weren't doing anything about it. So you decided to go over to the school this morning, and you went to his class and take it from there. Yeah. I mean, I decided to go to school and give them a piece of my mind, basically, and it wasn't right. And I don't know that I don't know what I could have done differently to get the issues in the spotlight because my son asked for help he went unhurt, nobody listens. Nobody seems to care when I politely asked followed all the rules and gave them all the sport support that they needed to be able to do their job in whatever capacity that they needed to I felt. And so I was just being told what I wanted to hear to get me out the door, and my son will come home the same day, and there would be more issues. I get wasn't a dress and the breaking point for me was when I told the principal expected, her at my exact words were expect you to handle this officially and effectively, or I'm going to be forced to file an administrative complaint on the hills meal, even the office from saying that they turned around. And retaliated what I felt like their tally Gatien all my child because all year long. They didn't do nothing to protect him. And now they want to single him out. The teacher follows them all day. They only allow him to play on certain equipment on the playground. You know, he has to say what the teacher at lunch, and then they tell him that the teacher is going to be with him for the rest of the year since he's an instigator. This is wrong. Top of that. The secretary went and posted she violated the child Privacy Act oppose impersonal information on Facebook about my child, and then when she was called L on it. The lead it, you don't think they're gonna try to cover that up. Coursing are. I'm not asking for jobs. I'm just asking them to do what I did you wrong apologize and work with me on funding better solution for all of these children.

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