White meat is just as bad as red meat when it comes to cholesterol: Study


A new study seems to suggest white meat including poultry may not be so healthy after all here to talk with us about that is Luke air. Dr Michael Lim, Dr them is cardiologists, SM health Saint Louis university hospital doctor, then thanks for joining us pleasure. We're hearing of a new study out that says, white meat is just as bad for you as red meat when it comes to your cholesterol level. Tell us what's going on? I think there's two different levels to look at this kind of study as you quoted, the question me healthier for your heart health of darkness, and the surface, the answer. Surprisingly has no. We've always thought that white meat actually is healthier from that standpoint because it's less leading with that. And so, therefore, you digest more fed classrooms, would be lower. Interesting thing about this study is that they, they proved that incorrect in. So what would be the take home from that standpoint? I think very simply, you know, the, the American diet or Missouri diet, if you will continues to be heavily dependent upon the main course basically are meat. We're amid west beaten potatoes type of tone, the advantages of from a heart healthy diet. Really are not in the meat. They're an plant based proteins, vegetables, and fruits and a better balanced diet. And so if you look at the advantages of something like the Mediterranean diets, they do incorporate meet lean meats, but very, very small portion size and the rest of the meal is composed does the other pieces, the vegetables, though, Layton's abuse, and that probably isn't much healthier balance to our debt. Then just trying to switch out dark meat for white

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