Blues and Bruins meet in a Stanley Cup Final 49 years in making


Scott. The Stanley Cup finals between the Boston Bruins and the Saint Louis blues begin Monday. This is kind of Cinderella vs Godzilla. In a way they weren't that far apart in terms of the regular season. Only really a game. But in terms of history up -solutely, the Saint Louis blues have not been to the Stanley Cup since nineteen seventy. When they lost to the Boston Bruins, and the famous shot of Bobby ORR leaping through the air giving the Bruins their first Cup since nineteen twenty nine I think it was just an amazing moment. If you're a bus Donen, however, this is gonna be a fun match up. I really sort of enjoy, what the what the blues have done and they they're so tough. They were down two games to one against San Jose. And then they just went on a tear the Bruins of the hottest team in hockey. They've won seven straight. So you have this great clash and the blues are just so tough in their tough on the road. They played better on the road than they do at home. And I'm really looking forward to seeing this matchup. This matchup brings especially the two lines. Terasenko and shorts and this, these guys are are playing really, really good hockey. I didn't think they were gonna take out the sharks the way they did. And on the other hand, of course, the Bruins at Boston city, just keeps winning championships in, in their top line in there, whether it's Birger on or pasternack marshawn and of course, they've got the hottest goalie in the world as well with to harass. So it's going to be a great

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