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Not during a scene with her finish said later, my new I was acting, but my heart didn't and my body. Certainly didn't I won't discuss it more because of the degree of intimacy involved. That was Finney the chemistry between the two is unmistakable Harris writes, and perhaps at its most powerful during the scenes when you're wondering whether Mark and Joanna should stay together at all a counter to your point about the Manzini score. He says, Don and gives their dilemma a great glossy coat from the gorgeous animated opening credits by 007 genius MAURICE binder to what may be the most melancholy romantic theme, Henry Mancini ever composed and then on its poignancy. He says undone in steady hand to for the road. Does what only a Hollywood movie can do it convince you to beautiful movie stars tooling through France and car are just like us. It's everybody's marriage. That's on trial in this film. If you've ever failed to let a fight go or said one thing too many or kept silent rather than apologize. You're likely to recognize a bit of yourself in the shards of the Wallace's the point about how they're just like us the scene that I think does that. So well is when they are forced to stay in the chichi hotel and have to kind of dodge around the fact that they can't afford to tell the restaurant. I mean, those charged for it is just a great secret. So fun so two for the road, my choice. Maybe Mark Harris's choice. If indeed he was participating in the marathon Thanos pick. I know it's not your choice though, Josh. And you know, what it's also not the choice of another guest. We have teased at last week that my daughter Sophie has been watching all of these films with me the first film finding marathon any of my children have fully participated in. And she wanted to play along and weigh in with her choice for best picture. I'm Sophie Manar in my awards for best picture goes to funny face. I was sucked in soon as the bundle of pink fabric hits the camera during the opening number it sets the tone for the whole movie fun wins ical, vibrant that. Coupled with an excellent performance from Audrey Hepburn led to experience where to quote, my dad. I couldn't wait to rewatch it as I was watching it. So there's my daughter quoting me quoting same van Haldeman? But that's fine. We'll go with it all goes round and round. Well, I knew Sophie was sharp. But this seals the deal. I mean, she she got the pick. Right. Funny faces the best picture of this marathon. I'll admit I probably enjoyed charade as much while watching it. But I think for me funny face has those musical production numbers that just are going to put it over the top. If you're comparing the two not only what I've already mentioned in these awards, but how about on how to be lovely that satirical, duet with Hepburn and Kate Thomson. I think that one really is crucial because it undercuts some of the movies fashion fascination that that they got into labout. That's great. Irene George Gershwin's. He loves and she loves I don't think we talked about this when we reviewed it at all. But this is where Hepburn an Astaire are at an. Outdoor wedding photo shoot. And they dance their way across a stream by lightly stepping onto a floating raft. I mean, here's another almost over the top Don touch could have been a pick for physio seen as well. So funny face. It's just stuffed with production numbers. Most of them quite delightful. Domine, of course, will forever be known for co directing singing in the rain. But I do think funny face has deserves a place in the top tier musicals conversation. Well, it's my runner up certainly for this marathon film. I did enjoy and has so many of those great done in moments. And touches that's our marathon. Are thanks again to Sophie to Nathaniel, of course, for all of his insights and launching all of these conversations. We hope you enjoyed this marathon whether you were following along or not and able to watch every film, we do have another marathon coming up. We don't have the date set exactly for when it will commence, but we're going to take a look at the work of Josef von Sternberg and Marlene Dietrich that collaboration. You can find. More information about all of our marathons, including listening back to all of these Don and conversations at film, spotting dot net. And just click on marathons at the top of the page.

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