Taxation policy, state spending and labor relations.


Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden discuss recent reports about Biden's business dealings in China. In last night's debate. President Trump claimed that Joe Son Hunter Biden is like a vacuum cleaner, scooping up money from Ukraine and China. This comes after the New York Post alleged in a Siri's of articles that Joe Biden was lined up to take a cut of a Chinese business deal. Four months. After leaving the vice presidential office. In response, Biden said his son had not made any money from those deals. Biden said it also proved Trump tried to bribe the Ukrainian information Ukrainian government to get information about him. And President Trump says that Americans will see a depression like you've never seen If Joe Biden is elected president, he said that everything was going great before the Corona virus play is, he called? It came around, he says, Success will bring the American people together. Republican senators are not particularly thrilled. With Democrats refusing to show up for the first vote on Amy Cockney barrettes Supreme Court nomination, Texas Senator Ted Cruz labeled it a stunt. There. Despite the absence of the Democrats, there were enough votes to send barrettes nomination to the full Senate. That full vote will be on Monday. Democrats do not have the vote to block it. A new study ranked Texas governor Greg Abbott is the best governor in the nation. The market research firm Laugher Associates, rank governors on the basis of taxation policy, state spending and labor relations. And

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