Mark Jackson is the reason why Mark Jackson isn’t an NBA head coach


Joe. Lake. Up after mark was let go had a bunch of quotes This was one of them that I found co part of it was that he couldn't get along with anybody else in the organization and look you did a great job. I'll always compliment him mini respects but you. Can't have two hundred people in the organization, not like you. Okay. and he said when I say the organizations whole I don't just mean the team just fifteen players that are involved in the coaching staff I mean everybody there's two hundred employees here. So we look at the organization going forward and the kind of coach we want and not just the performance everything else all these factors matter. We took all of that into account. So we have the player part of it. We have the owner part of it. We knew the front office didn't like him when one of the assistance. was busted for recording Jackson in meetings to play for the front office, which again that actually becomes a pro mark Jackson part of it. The Mark Jackson staff was not good enough the ownership in front office told him repeatedly, the staff is good. Enough Mark said we have the best staff going he and scalping apparently got into it and scalloping he was reassigned the front office didn't like that part of it. So we have the players have the staff we have the ownership we have the front office. Let's also talk about some of the other stuff that's just let's face it. Weird Jackson's Amana Faith I. Don't question anyone's faith. I just say to you leave me alone and I'll do my thing That's the way I've always operated and that rubs people wrong way when he was a head coach but also would find time to get to La whenever he had a convenient off day to go and do that. It's tough to tell a man of faith. Hey, you know what don't be that interested in God? That's that's an almost impossible conversation but if I was at ESPN or anywhere and said, Hey, you know what? I can't watch football this weekend. Because I have this higher calling eventually it worked they'd be like, Hey, you know what? Man Like this is all part of the job being availalbe around is very difficult in tough thing to navigate as I'm not even hundred percent comfortable doing it but I'd have to say employer at the time being frustrated by it actually makes a little bit of sense and I think there's other things that just bumped people out when curry had his ankle issues he was brought up in it was kind of a playful thing curry's brought up they put the holy oil on his ankle and. Jackson's wife at the time and Pete Jackson was like look like he had chronic ankle problems and now he doesn't. So you figure it out. That's one of those things where people like wait what Jackson also had some issues off the core where he was caught up extortion deal and I'm not even really getting on his case for that because I think a lot of things happen to people that are public figures that goes on normal people's lives. But the public figure becomes the of jokes on and on and on. He also said when asked about Jason Collins availability years ago. He said not in my locker room. So it came off as if he was a homophobe because there's evidence that he is, and then when he was asked to clear that up, he said look I know Jas I know his family and I'm praying for them right now. Hey, man you save your fucking prayers. Okay. That's the kind of stuff that just doesn't play no matter who you are and I think the. Most important part of all of this because I guess I'm still maybe a little surprised that he doesn't have a job because other people have been on TV and not been great on. TV. I've looked at other coaches that haven't had great runs and there's been plenty of people that have gotten second chances by the way both black and white. So when I see people out raged that he's been blackballed or as. Shannon Sharpe said White Bald or Kendrick Perkins recently, just saying like all of these things that I just going off on the idea that Mark Jackson doesn't have job it really feels like, okay. Are you informed and but yet you've made up your mind decided not to change your mind or are you uninformed and I think so many people screaming about this or like Oh wait that's right. You know maybe either moments you had just now listening to this like Oh, that's right. I've nothing personal against Mark Jackson. He's one of my favorite college basketball players of all time all-time. You guys know how huge of a Saint John's Fan I am and I actually was you know as a little kid be like dude I can't believe he's going this late in the draft is GonNa be awesome and he was awesome in the knicks I felt so vindicated I was. Like and I could refer team right one day I love Mark Jackson and I was right. But when I listened to him on the broadcast Van Gundy I, think him being on the broadcast Van Gundy chances of getting a job because if I was worth a half a billion dollars or more and had the opportunity to own a team or owned a team right now and I'd go. Van Gundy's on all of these little things like, Hey, look at how they blind me Anthony Davis on free throws already have them on the other side of the court. So he can seal for Deepak smaller offender will there be an adjustment. Hey, what's going on with the substitution? Hey, this rule's actually wrong. Why are they doing it? This Way Jeff Van Gundy will say, here's Hey Jason tatum something's wrong with him. He's the first pointed out it happens multiple times every single broadcast Jeff Van Gundy is easily the best NBA analyst in the game right now. Mark doesn't do any of those things and I. Don't know if that's just him not being comfortable in that role but he's a coach. He's a former player and he doesn't do any of those things. He'll say, Hey, this guy's not just a great score. He's a great individual. He's a human being. Okay. So and so doesn't get enough credit for shooting. Okay. In everything is results based. If the shot goes in, it was a great shot at the shot doesn't go in Hey, that's the guy that shouldn't be taking the shot. It's very. It's very minimal depth and when. You have people that make these decisions. You're almost instead of looking at the resume in Golden State which is on its surface again resume. You'd say Yeah. What like six years? Nicholas gives Scott his shot young team garnered play defense that's hard to do. But I think being next to Jeff. When Jeff runs circles around him on the broadcast. It it might remind go wait why why is this one guy way better talking about the game than the other guy so I think the best thing market do would not be on the broadcast with Jeff and who knows what might happen. So I just think the more we look at it and hey man trust me this is not white guy decide to push back on racism segment because I've. Probably done with those the rest of my life. I'm seeing specific to this one because the NCAA numbers are atrocious. The ABC's the head coaching. Diversity that we have in the pro sports leagues still is not what it needs to be I'm not pushing back on any of those things. But when it comes specific to mark Jackson, there are the informed in the uninformed, and hopefully if you've resisted this, you're more informed now.

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