Censorship, political interference, and COVID-19 chaos - should scientists take a position in USA Election?


Think we're caught up in this notion that well, we have to be objective and we can hide behind our processes and we don't want to upset the Congress and so. There wasn't as vigorous A. Response to all of that over the last forty years as as we needed, and now we're sort of behind and trying to catch up is in previous Republican presidents have also ascribed to as a racing aditorial in the journal Nature pointed out to a bipartisan tradition of supporting funding for science and innovation. So I in calling out president trump in your editorials in the Journal, Science. You being cognizant of the fact that it's it's it's much more than Donald, trump that he's. Is. Targeting Science it's the his whole cohort. Pulling the rug away from from science and its contribution to regulations and decision-making. Yeah I think that you know a good way to view this as to just consider trump's rhetoric. And then consider his behavior with regard to himself. So he told us that Hydroxy Clark when was a great drug? He told US Koga wasn't real. He told us all of these things that we know are misinformation. That served his political goals. But when he was the patient, he wanted the very best highest science that secular academic medicine could provide a main the we published three. Of the papers on the regeneration. Antibody cocktail, and it is a very effective therapy from what they disclose to us and based on the highest principles of science, a decades of research and immunology. Folks like trump had been living in these two worlds where they run against science. As far as the politics are concerned but when it comes to their own health and the health of their friends and loved ones and their constituents, they want the best thing that academic medicine can allied. And that dichotomy is one of these things that has been with us this whole time where. The Republicans in Congress who have supported scientific research have mainly supported it because they want the outcomes. Of Scientific, research that are in in medicine or that are in defense technology or in just contributing to the economy. and. So what we have not done is told them that if you get all of that, then you have to let us be inquisitive about nature most scientists are in this because they're fascinated with nature and they want to understand it if I've just to to add that another form of hypocrisy is that the trump administration has basically eliminated all federal funding for any research that involves fetal tissue. Or fetal cells in this is something that the George W Bush administration tried to do as well, and there's kind of a long history of tying these cell lines and it turns out that at least one of the treatments that trump received through pirates development involved feel lines, but he happily took it, and so it's just another example of hypocrisy of pretending that there's something unholy about science, but then using it without any hesitation when it's for their own health well lure, it's interesting to try and get to the bottom of of Donald Trump's understanding of science or relationship decides that. He plays it different ways he he seems to consider scientists as part of.

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