Google faces antitrust charges

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Something something happened with Google, I believe something did happen with Google. So a on Wednesday, the Justice Department brought a very, very long awaited antitrust lawsuit against Google. Saying that it's search product had basically cornered the market on this very important area of search and was locking out potentially better competition, and it's asking for among other things potential structural changes to the company. We don't really know a whole lot more than that before we get. Into the Nitty Gritty which I'm very excited for. Can you just on the scope of things at the Department of Justice does this feels like it's on the level of them going after Microsoft, in the nineties this isn't like. A little thing that will go away after a weeks because the news cycle has moved on or whatever that like this is going to be some kind of big even if the Department of Justice completely loses because their argument is questionable or whatever that this is a big ambitious meaningful thing that's happening not just a government agency complaining about Big Tech Yeah. This is a really big deal this has been in the works for a very long time. There are antitrust investigations against all the big tech companies and this is the first of. Them and also the first, really big action against Google for a long time. There was an F. T. C. I believe case against Google almost a decade ago, and this is going after Google search, which is the heart of their business and it's going after just the general idea of their size and so yeah, we don't totally know what the rest of the case is going to look like one of the weird things that a fairly small number of attorneys general has signed onto this, but they're definitely going for something that is Microsoft scale. I think the comparisons the Microsoft case they're kinda cutting in both Russian. Tim Wu is friend of the show and some we generally trust to have smart stuff. He's like this is just they just modeled after the Microsoft case. It's the same argument in as some other folks out there who are like this is totally different like a different argument, different case different time. So I think we have to see how that plays out. At a you were talking about what they asked for at the end. So they do mention at the end we want structural relief that is legal code for break-up, Google and then it's like and also anything else the court things would be good and that's the part that is the missed to me right like this thing doesn't tell a story it describes a problem, which is that Google is very big. We should get into the pluses and minuses of just describing that problem, but it describes a problem, but it doesn't really it doesn't feel like the. Doj is like asking for something they're just like look at how bad this problem is. It also seems like there's structural remedies. I mean it does sound like Code break-up. Google. But that's not really implied by the suit like the things they're actually complaining about concretely are a Google has these deals where android phone makers have to install certain APPS. If they want to have any google APPs preinstalled that google chrome default search engine is Google search on that. Google has this revenue sharing deal with apple that they're alleging provides this huge chunk of apple's profits that. That it's the default search engine for apple products, and all of those it kind of just seems like the solution there insinuating is that Google needs to stop having these deals or that it needs to add something like preference menu like you can select your browser. When you first sorry I, keep saying browser I mean searching. That you can select your search engine whenever you opened his brother browser like stuff like that. It's not really clear unless they I don't know spun off search how breaking up Google would help this particular case that they're making

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