Tampa Bay Rays' Charlie Morton battles Los Angeles Dodgers' Walker Buehler in pivotal Game 3


The way up to the World Series Game three tonight. Are on ESPN Radio Doctors raise Bueller Morton is the pitching matchup Tonight Coverage begins. 7 30 Eastern tonight, here on ESPN radio, and you can hear every pitch on the ESPN app. You're in your car You're driving around. You have something you're doing tonight. If you want to listen to the game, it should be a really interesting game goes without saying That the Game three and a 11 Siri's is critical. Both teams have their best pitching going here. Both teams have their pitching lined up where they want it now in their bullpens fresh after a day of rest. Two best teams in baseball all year long Best in the American League versus the best in the National League in the best of five for a championship, unlike any the sport has ever seen, So if you like baseball, this is pretty good. Stage is set for a pretty good weekend and we'll see what we get. In the

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