Like Father, Like Son!


It's time once again for America's favorite show, the radio adventures of Dr Fluid brought to you by Tech Floyd Dot Com this week starring Lesley Karrar Rudolph Chuck McCann as Dr Floyd's mother and father. We'll ask dot heroes they end returned to settle river city to the Floyd family home. They were summoned to the home by Dr Floyd's mother who had shocked the crew with the stunning news of the return of Dr Floyd's father. They were now standing at the front door of the house after just having knocked. Your. Putin. Putin Doug. Grant I'm in no mood. I'm blind mommy. Dr Grant is so good to see you. Brought your little puppy ships. Again to. What a good poppy speak come spray. She misses, Lloyd. Puppy hairs a puppy tree. Trust wonderful that your father is home. Sway Oh come on inside. Your father will be up from his nap soon he came all the way from the condos morning you know who he was Bush to. Feel show. You. Come on. He chips. Perpetually under the assumption that you're adult. Don't. Show neither need another one is biscuit shot into my speaker Snot. Thank you very much as our heroes go in to meet Dr Voids, let's check in on that evil mastermind Dr Steve Socks assistant featured who have just landed down the street from the Floyd family home. All right now here's the plan featured I put on this crudely-made deliveryman outfit. then. You're going to deliver this package to Dr Flowing. In when he reaches out for its, you'll push this button on the side. That's it. That's all you have to do. Really well, the box expands and captures anyone who's touching it in an escape proof prison on wheels. I. Got it from prisons in a box dot com. Really will then I will come and roll the prison back to the ship and take Dr Floyd back to my secret lair you will not be able to do anything after that point. Because, you'll be trapped in the box. Obviously look when you push the button, it's going to activate the box and whoever's touching. It gets trapped inside the prison that includes the person who pushed the button. Look. I don't have time to argue about this. We'll discuss it later when I, get you out of the box now get out there and put my pled into action. Dr Steve has enacted a bland to kidnap. Dr Floyd meanwhile are unsuspecting hero is currently sitting in the living room of his family home watching his mother's Pomeranian puppy Mr Bernie jains do. Say. Jay. Okay Comey. Yeah. The depth of his talent knows no bounds or after noon everyone. Your away. I feel like a million ducats and what a spectacular welcoming committee I have to welcome home. Hello there. Everyone I'm Dr Floor Jay Floyd senior. This is Dr Grant. It is a pleasure to meet you sir, the pleasures, all Puerto Laar. Out. Quite. A grip. You've got their Dr Floyd senior. Says Dr Grant Federal Puppy Chips yes I'm not actually a dog here. We treat. And where is my boy? Son Compare your father I'll gladly. Put me down no gene. Sudden Hey. I was just so excited to see you. That's all. It's been a while. Yeah long while. I'll get it you to keep talking book Florida I know I haven't been around a long time I'm sure you're upset about that but I wanNA make sure that we get caught up on this visit. All right. Really you mean. Shirt, do son I wanNA take it nice and slow I. Know You want every detail about how uncovered a lost city and hot a Condo when I'm done telling you about that in retirement for me head out on another adventure. Hey there's a crudely disguised delivery guy at the door with a package for Dr. Flowing As Mrs Floyd Dr Grant and chips into the kitchen to help make some lunch both Dr. Floyd and his father void senior head down the hallway to the front door. Both Dr Floyd's junior and senior reach out for the box. They touch it up the exact same moment and as they do the perplexed Fisher pushes the button on the side instantly engulfing the three of them in. Prison on wheels moments. Later, our villain Dr Steve is pushing the rolling prison down the street to ship. Can you hear me? Did we catch Dr Floyd? Father what do you mean father own wait? I, misunderstood you know it's not much farther. We're almost there in fact, steve is almost to a ship with our hero and his father diabolical plan could Dr Steve have in store for Dr Floyd. How will he react when he finds out that he not only has Dr Floyd Dr Floyd's father as well, and just how is bridget getting along with the doctors while trapped inside that box dishes figure. My good. Find out next time on the radio adventures Dr Flowing.

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