Episode 103: The Exorcist, a Conversation with Filmmaker Kamran Pasha


We are back in the month of October and there's reason for that. But before I get into that I WANNA welcome. My Co host is always Omer Omer welcome back. How you doing I said I'm doing well and somebody to get right into it. So we are really excited at least. Well, we'll I'm I'm excited for a number of reasons. So continuing kind of the tradition of late we actually have a returning guest to the show so I'm really excited. That we are joined once again by Cameron Basha. Now, What's interesting about Damron Ron while was issue by comrade in his relationship to the show is that Ron was our guest for episode three and has pointed out right before we got on was this is episode one Oh, three. So literally decided one hundred episode gap in between the time that we had come run on And that was December twenty thirteen. So Cameron Amit welcome to the show for I do I do WANNA quickly. Kind to refresh our audience as to a bit about you I'm Rondebosch is a screen writer director one of the first. Muslim. Filmmakers to succeed in Hollywood. He recently worked as writer producer on showtime on the showtime networks drama series set in the. American. Prison in Guantanamo Bay, which was actually directed by Oliver Stone. Previously served as a writer and Co producer on. Several Golden Globe and Emmy nominated series such as sleeper cell also a rain Nikita Roswell New Mexico many many shows kings by a bionic woman. So comrades got a huge sort of a imprint already in terms of Hollywood Let's calm. Run is also a published novelist in two thousand, nine Simon and Schuster, published mother of the believers, which is a novel showcasing the rise of Islam from the eyes of the Prophet. Mohammed. Wife Aisha. His second novel shadow of the sword follows the conflict between Richard, the Lionheart and Muslim leader Salahedeen Saladdin. In the control of Jerusalem during the Crusades Gum Ron holds a b a an MBA from Dartmouth College in a J. D. E. SO cameron is a isn't attorney as well. from Cornell law school. No slacker is common and an alumnus of the a producers program at the UCLA film school. That is all to say welcome back to the show com, Ron. Thank you in a slum modicum to both ways and means a lot to me to be back on the show I remember when we did this. Episode Three Back Nineteen three I mean ninety eighty degrees. Eighty three, right it feels that forty years back but. I want to congratulate you on how far the PODCAST has come one hundred episode since then and and I'm just delighted honor that you'd bring me back on. No, that means a lot run and honestly when I wanted to do this episode. And a no other guests came to mind and Omer can vouch for this because I know that like you you have affinity for the conversation that we're about to have today, and that is that back on for those will listen to the show you may recall that. Right around I, think it was episode seventy five in fact, where Zecchini kind of tease this idea of doing a series where or series within the show where we would kind of just basically talk about movies that we love just share our love and our admiration of movies and so that particular episode was about the Godfather. We ended up talking about the entire trilogy and I went back and actually recently like like listen to it recently and just want it's one of my favorite episodes because it's just me and Duckie kind of talking about something that we loved and so with this episode,

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