Your Next Flying Adventure in Hawaii with Fly Maui


Love Looking things out the window, the airplane like everybody. Else. I, Love Lighthouses in Wales and I think that the Hawaiian especially Maui it'd be a perfect spot for that. But in your words I mean, why do people WANNA go fly in Maui? All Karl is now there's a lot of different reasons you know first of all people love to come to Hawaii to Maui specifically is just like. some people do it as an aviation? Adventure and it just makes it really fine. So they'll you know vacation they'll have some downtime, the beach they'll do some more interesting like hiding, and of course, incorporate flying in and organised talk about the opportunities as a pilot. You can visit your specifically in a few minutes but you know Hawaiian was it is paradise the the climate is amazing. The beaches are uncrowded. It's low key laid back in the. General aviation ramp it's everybody's friendly. A the spirit Aloha is all around just like in a lot of are other general aviation airports but the weather's awesome. I would say we are fueled actually went far couple of days ago, and you can probably count on one hand the number times in a year that we actually go I-. Afar into says you just amazing flying missions we have here. It's great for applied school. Our students hardly ever have a down day because the weather and Maui is pretty unique just because of the topography here where it's located. Just on our little island eleven of the fourteen worlds climate zones are found here so You're on the beach and lay layout or over in Fong Holly and get too hot and sweaty from being outside and being in the sand than you can always go up to your. The summit of Holly, Autho? which is a dormant shield volcano. It's over ten thousand feet at the summit and usually stays around fifty degrees during the daytime up there. So you can go up there and full off just so much to see endure, and of course, from the air getting to see all that is so unique. Really a diverse environment also the fact that you can go and cool off so much make you bet there's probably somewhere in Hawaii I'm not sure that you can go skiing I would think I know service Maui. Yeah it does happen just. Seems like once a year last February we we had six eight inches at the summit and on the Big Island, which is about seventy eighty miles from here. The three summits, their twelve, thirteen, thousand they actually do have people that because they'll have moral snowcap or longer to town. So they'll actually go have some guys get out snowboards.

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