Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be fully optimized for the Xbox Series X and S


Halo the masterpiece collection is getting out of positions for xbox series x answers US Allesandro Barbosa at Gamespot with the launch of the xbox Jerry's ex answer is just around the corner Mexico's continually adding to its growing loser exclusives they'll be enhanced for its new consoles Halo. The question will be included to support for one, hundred, twenty, five per second and up to four. K.. It had a collection will receive an update on November seventeenth a week. After the console launch, they'll optimize the entire catalogue of hill classics. The capabilities of the new consoles that means one hundred twenty FBI support in both campaigns and multiplayer as well as four K support and additional split straight out traditions on the. Other although the tweet makes mentioned other capabilities, a series experts of the game. The update will be free, of course, include SMART, delivery program. The game also included an Xbox game pass on console and as well as game PA- XBOX game streaming on android. Brand have you have you partake in? This collection at some point. I haven't it's been on, you know a very long list of twos, but I able to probably won't come anytime soon but I do love Halo and I think it's awesome that they've continued to. You know obviously take their main mainstay franchise in keep it updated. You know when they remastered that content. Great but now In, lieu of being launched with xbox series snl it's going to be nice. Hopefully have this. The lean on an saw that hale marketing we see out there is. Kinda. True. They're they're really on Halo for like showing their new thing like when Was it three sixty backwards compatibility. Only worked with Halo One and two at first and then. And then like. Part of backwards apparently, this time around has been halo, and then again, this this as a smart delivery centerpiece, Halo a lot of sets. It is cool that led. They're like they're going forward. They're going like, Hey, let's do because I time they said like. Sony or Microsoft Says Floor One, hundred, twenty, five pm like. Yeah, sure. Rally that. There are actually gonNA show it like, Hey, this is what you actually do. Need the by two point one, four than cool. I'm glad that like they're doing that was something. Yeah. It's nice to have actually like a legit. You know salad multiplayer experience running hopefully at a consistent hundred and twenty. Frames and for you if you buy that new TV to be able to actually see that because I don't know what other multiplayer games shooters are going to be one twenty hertz at this point I don't know heard of any yet. I'm sure there will be some but I. Don't know that there. Well, showpiece I. Both platforms the fact is is fully optimized. It seems to be saying it will be one hundred twenty frames on both, but only be up to four K. on the series x little. There's like heavy details on this though by the way, the tweet zero, it pretty much just a tweet with some check marks and like wearily somebody else tweeted it like just before the exact same tweet, a couple of minutes beforehand. So myself set the league or something. Yeah, but is it is cool that doing this I don't expect most games. We'll do it in the future. I expect that like maybe some remastered here and there. But like we're not GONNA get one twenty F- on Mike? I would if we get a hundred twenty F- bs on. More. Than Twenty Retail Games I would be shot. In the whole generation. Yes. I don't think that'd be because I think that you're going to see people start the. Co optimize like because I. Feel like we're going back to what got me like a lot of hot water the last time I was on the show just reminded people that like, Hey, if you buy a three hundred dollar machine versus the five hundred dollar one, we'll you might want to be aware that it may not be as powerful as the five hundred dollar one that's always trying to say between the S. and the X. Right and there was just a slew of comments like Fran is an idiot and Get. It my point I, was trying to make was you'll see like this is up to four K.. It's awesome that you're going to see one hundred twenty optimize on an older game. But where I'm going with this I do think you'll see a new games that maybe on the the. Again I'm just speculating I'm not saying S is not capable depending on what they do, but it won't be as capable US how it works. Of course, not of course, I wouldn't people Nydia like. The processor is going to be better, which is the main thing, the frame rates, GonNa depend on and like to be clear what I'm saying like. Twenty Games. I mean like games built for this generation not like games that were from last whipping up right. When you say the process you better you're saying in the s any X, right? Yes both. Share the same process or Family. They do. Yeah. It's a slate under clocking. Yeah. It's just a few. You know point to hurts difference basically right but we're to finish the thought what I was saying is. I do think you will see what's get to the point where coastal lake to see where it's like Oh. Yeah it runs in. I'm just GONNA use the analogy like medium settings on the xbox series x and it'll be a hundred twenty I. think you'll see those opportunities almost certainly on the series x we'll. We see it as often on the S I don't know and I'm not knocking it for that I. do think it's incredible value. It is unbelievable value. I should actually say I've said it many times it's unreal that there's a three hundred hour console that is going to be as powerful. And Slick, as the seems to be. So

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