From Orthopedic Surgeons to Steel Suppliers: How Facebook Ads Can Scale Any Business with Rachael Doukas


Rachel say what's up to fire nation and shears the interesting about yourself that most people don't new high fire nation. Thank you so much for having me. John Ya something about me that most people don't know it's I actually wrote and developed for short films with my sister and we recently finished writing our first feature film. That's a family drama and we're planning to shoot that in April twenty twenty one are we talking an upcoming netflix original? Rachel. Maybe we're not are not sure yet it say it's actually a family drama film. It's based off of one of our shorts but cool out we'd. Love to get it on the streaming platform and everything I love actually about Netflix and the other shooting platforms you're experimenting with a ton of different things like it's not just these hour and a half blockbusters anymore there's like one minute video six, minute video shorts all these different themes I mean man to me this is the glory time for both actors, actresses, writers, producers there's just so much opportunity out there super bowl but fire nation as I shared in the introduction when we're talking how facebook ads can specifically scale any business. So first things first Rachel and why don't you just KINDA LEARN How you kind of got into this at all and what do you define as a hard to market business which has been what you've really kind of focused on as your specialty shore. So I got into this I started my business in two thousand, twelve before that I was working for my family business which encumber real estate and I was Yeah I. was doing a lot of the marketing there, and we were using facebook to bring in leads people that were interested in office space and I remember one day. My mom just said, you know, why don't you start your own business and it was something I really wanted to do and then I just got into it and I started getting new clients With different types of people and then really focusing in on these like hard to market businesses and so really what I define as a hard to market business it's it's a business with a product or a service that doesn't provide instinct gratification or it requires some sort of customization to suit the customers needs. So for example, if you wanted to buy like customize deal horse stable to house your five. It's not going to be like as simple as just buying a t shirt online from your favorite store where you can just add it to your card, and then it's at your doorstep There's a lot more that goes into it when you're orders ordering something like this There is customization so you may have to fill out a form on a landing page or website that goes to the company that asks specific questions like what kind of features do you want for your co Horse Sable, what are the dimensions and then after that, you'll probably end up getting a call from them more an email just to clarify things and to make sure that they're on the same page as you and they can accomplish what you're looking for So it's it's not easy as you know, one, two three, you're done You know another quick example is like a nor an orthopedic surgeon is also a hard to market business. You know someone can't just go online and buy new replacement they have to go through a journey they you know they may see an ad for an orthopedic surgeon and again have to fill out a form and provide more information. Let them know what type of insurance they. Have Secede. The surgeon can even help them and again, then they'll have to speak with someone on the phone and and you know again, get more clarity to make sure that the surgeon can actually help them. So there's really like these types of businesses they require a lot of care effort and creativity to get people in

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