Buying Science, Healthwashing Labels, & Sparking Real Change - With Guest Vani Hari


Our guest today is New York Times. bestselling author Vanni Hari and body was named by Time magazine. One of the most influential people on the Internet. And she's been such a powerful force of change and influencing how major food giants like Kraft General Mills Subway Chick-fil-a in starbucks create their products in her advocacy has steered them towards making more helpful policies. She's been profiled in the New York, times the Atlantic the Financial Times Wall Street Journal USA Today the Dr Oz show the doctor show CNN the list goes on and on she is such a powerful and important voice that we all need right now she's demonstrated how powerful we are. She is just one person who stepped up and setting noth- is enough I'm not going to allow these things to be in our food system into injure unsuspecting consumers to injure children all over the country all over the world we can change this and she stepped up and made it happen. All right. So Vanni is one of the big reasons that there's been so much change in fast food and in processed foods and she is she is just one person but she is powerful. She is remarkable as you are. She said, yes she just said, yes. Stepping into her mission and being an advocate for change and again I'm saying because I want to remind you of how powerful you are. We all are powerful beyond anything we can imagine. And, it's wonderful to have these conversations and talk with Bonnie to see how she did it to see what he's up to to hear what she's thinking about right now in the context of what's happening in our world today, you know in her leaning into this discomfort with all of us and seeing what is, what is she going through? What is she thinking about and also she's got a new little surprise that she's. Developing right now herself you know a new addition to her family. She's got a corona bonus. You know at this time there's also Within the terminal, those also these things of beauty. There are moments of opportunity and beauty, and it just depends on what we are able to see the questions we ask and the actions that we take, and if anybody knows about action, an advocacy is our guest today Vanni Hurry. So it's jumping to his conversation. With the amazing New York, Times bestselling author food advocate the Food Babe Herself Vanni Hari Viney Welcome back to the model show how are you doing today? So Good Sean is so good to see your face. Let me just tell you that I wish person. I wish it was in person. So I give you a big giant. Fat. Wet Hug. And there's a reason behind the fat portion. Beautifully plump is you have you're having a baby your daughter's about to be a big sister. That's right. She's GonNa be a big sister to a little boy. And Yeah, I'm getting ready him. It's it's coming up soon I gotta get gametime on. I. Got Up early, this morning and worked out was pumping iron and shared on my instagram. I was like, Hey, guys give birth is a real athletic sport. You need stamina you need physical endurance especially if you WanNa do it naturally you you really gotta be in shape you can't go into that. Experience being shape. Let me just tell you. That is so true. Same thing mirrored by you know my wife and so many other women just sharing this story is just getting prepared for it. You know and this is something we have evolved doing just being active out gathering, taking care of things but you know this is just a big shift that's taking place and even right now it's probably been a little bit more complicated for a lot of people just to get outdoors and just to be active so I just want to commend you for that. Pumping Island. Getting for the baby you know that's awesome. I'm just so thankful gyms are open back over here. You know for the for the first, half my pregnancy they were closed, and that was really tough mentally because I had to I had to have that motivation to get in that Jim, my own little home gym at home. Every day and in our basement and it got old after a while and not having that external motivation and doing everything on a screen. You know it was just it was very tiresome. So I'm so glad to be able to go back in in the community and workout and have that external motivation in loud music and all that is just it's the. Best. Yeah I feel the same way you know and this is one of those things and I'm I'm so grateful to talk to you and this even in intro that I put for you just you're such a inspiration to me you're such a hero that we all need right now and I'm so grateful to have you on to have these conversations because. For some folks, the Jim has been it's not just about the physical health side is their mental health mental emotional wellness being able to get access to that, and it was just kind of been this big law even here in I'm in Los Angeles, all the gems is still closed. I literally would have moved I would have to move away a lot of people have. Had to be away because you know that's what it is for me. It's like my anti anxiety medication, right? It's my anti depression medication. It's that you know that routine every single day I start my day and I go to the gym and do my workout class when I come back and it's It's it's a game changer. SMA- meditative practice that I have to do and four something to take that away. Was An insult on my body. For the government to take that away and you know I shared actually a interesting me on instagram when when our governor continued to close gyms but would allow. People to for example, Golf Club or tennis clubs, but they wouldn't we go to a gym. There's all of these kind of. These rules that didn't make sense and I said you know, hey, if you got McDonalds open open my freaking. Jim You. Got McDonalds open open my. Goodness sakes

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