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On W. T. M. J. All right, so sexual, said that he had a low It's a low country boil. This is what's in this thing. So it's a Cajun thing, apparently from from South Carolina as well. The lowlands of South Carolina shrimp Potatoes, sausage, corn on the cob, onions and mushrooms Boy with old Bay seasoning. Wow. Something jambalaya? Yeah, a little bit. You're right. That sounds good. Does something have to try that somewhere? Thanksgiving hymn Interest for the 262. Deep frying at home by intoxicated cooks often leads to extra duty firefighters Careful out there. Those turkeys You have to actually know exactly how much oil of putting because otherwise it because we're all seeing this. They always do that news TV. All right before you before. Are you excited about my holiday edition of Steve ruled the world. I'm sure you are. Yes. Yes. Okay. Um, I could answer all rights 11 31 let's say The WTO's breaking two senators Eric Bill's decision. Wisconsin voters lining up again today. It's the second day of early in person voting in Wisconsin Tuesday by the way song within 75,000 people casting a ballot across the state. Two of the state's biggest annual music festivals, shutting down for good, the company that puts on country USA and Rock USA Nash. Kaz planning the file for bankruptcy events have featured such headliners like Blake, Shelton, Keith Urban and Ozzy Osborne in recent years. Purdue Pharma, the company that makes the powerful painkiller OxyContin is going to plead guilty to three federal criminal charges. It's part of an $8 billion settlement. Oxy is the painkiller that experts say help touch off the opioid epidemic. Now Perdue, one of the count's It's going to plead guilty to his conspiracy to defraud the U. S. And news from the Vatican today, where Pope Francis endorsing gay civil unions for the first time as pope. He did so in a documentary that is premiering today at the Rome Film Festival. Time for the day Drinking Associates market update Right now the Dow is down three. 28,003 05 the NASDAQ Up 15 to 5 11,032 and the SNP is up 4 to 34 47 double M J paella, double con timesaver traffic 94 eastbound. Highway 16 all the way into the city. Looking good at 17 minutes. 41 45 South bound highway Cute to the zoo is 15 and looking clear as well. 43 south on brown the road. Into downtown. No problems. 12 minutes 94 north from Lleyton into the heart of Milwaukee. That'll take about seven minutes. So no problems there that is right on time. Traffic is sponsored by Tayback attorneys dot com. Social Security benefits denied Call Tae back for the payback, unable to work due to health problems. Let Tayback helpyou get approved for the Social

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