Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago Among Cities Bracing for Possibility of Unrest Around Election


Across America are preparing for the possibility that 2020 election will end in civil unrest authorities in Washington D. C in place to fence in front of the White House. That prevents protestors from climbing over businesses in New York City, Chicago, Beverly Hills in the Hollywood to name a few have been using plywood board up their windows to prevent any looting. Some governors have called on the national Guard Matt Manson with more President Trump has said he might not accept the results if he loses. Massachusetts is preparing by putting 1000 guard members on standby. In Oregon. It's an unspecified number as the Portland area is under a state of emergency through Wednesday, trucks were spotted moving into Illinois with the guard. They're only saying they're in a state of readiness, and Alabama and Arizona will share a quick response unit created with 600 soldiers who could be sent to other states as well.

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