Leopard mauls man who paid for 'full contact experience'


To start. A Florida man was scalped by a Black panther after he paid $150 for illegal that's important. What is described full contact experience. At a backyard animal sanctuary back yet. I didn't know that you could have a animal sanctuary in a backyard you get. But Florida A man requires multiple surgeries after a black panther mauled him during this illegal full contact experience. In a backyard enclosure near Fort Lauderdale. Pictures obtained by local news show the man Dwight Turner with a heavily bandaged head and here after the attack. Turner paid $150 to play with Take pictures and rub the belly of a Black Panther, which belonged to Florida. Local Michael Podgy. His Facebook page and YouTube channel says he runs an animal sanctuary for rare and endangered animals. Upon entering the enclosure in the backyard of Posey's home, Turner was attacked by the large cat on site there to feed in the backyard. And his ass with scout Now, according to the audit report, Turner Scalp was hanging hanging from his head and his right year was torn in half, not pets. A 50 year old had to spend a week in the emergency room due to the injuries he suffered and he didn't get his money back. Poggi has since admitted to police that he was illegally charging people for contact experiences with the leopard. He has been charged with allowing full contact with an extremely dangerous animal. The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida has criticized a man for having the leopard in captivity in his home.

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