201: We Pay Our Respects To Travis Roy & Talk About The Recent News Surrounding The Boston Bruins - burst 01


And please don't forget to use code c l e S50 that's clns 50 betonline.ag online wagering experts. Excellent banks mark and we'll get right into it. And first we start with a little bit of sadness. We actually this past week Travis Roy Pollard bus University hockey player who was tragically paralyzed in this first shift with a Boston University Terriers back. It was Nineteen ninety-five actually passed away at the age of forty-five. He was suction an advocate for in and help so many people in his situation and you know, I actually met Travis years ago working in Boston sports radio in his dad Lazy Boy And You Know Travis is just a a good human being who used to tragic, you know situation to really help others and turn something positive from it and off and he he died unexpectedly having a procedure that usually does I guess I read correctly and it's too bad that obviously it's hard to have a long life with their but he used Every bit of the second Ziad to help other people so it was it was too bad and I don't know why if you have any thoughts so we'll start with Mark on Travis Roy. Yeah a total inspiration to those people with spinal cord injuries. And when what he did, you know, it was above him to to make sure that you know news and information and and the the research was it was more involved in into his everyday life and it wasn't about him. I was by everybody else. So the kind heartedness that that guy put through for so many years after that accident so long ago after what was it 11 seconds and his first shift, you know, that's that's really tough. So but what the Legacy that he took it back, you know, it's just amazing and and hopefully the foundation keeps going and we can you know, somehow find a a resolution to these injuries so dead. It's it's really sad. I mean New England lost a very good hockey player a great person and an advocate that that, you know will never be forgotten. So I thought to go out to our family and friends. I had the pleasure of meeting Travis at a fundraiser that he put on in the Back Bay at a restaurant. I can't remember but I met him shook his hand and and it was very nice, you know, so sad sad week in in New England Hockey have your thoughts on Travis. Yeah. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting him. But I do just remove it seemed like it was so long ago, but it really feels like the other day cuz again, I love being you know on bu hockey girl and I just remember being so pumped like this kid mean they're coming in, you know, whatever and I just I think he speaks to what what real heroes are like, do you know what I mean that you take a tragedy and like Mark said it was no after that after you know, he's you know started healing and whenever it wasn't about him it was about everyone else to like what to do about spinal cord injuries or safety and you know, like making hockey Steve. So these kind of thing, you know, whatever enough just a big voice and if anything Wednesday, you know help, you know, the Travis right foundation just what he did with this foundation and I will watch something with Chris Drury when it was being inducted into the Hockey Hall that I like American Hockey Hall of Fame and it was like a clip and he specifically talked to him. He was a teammate of had this, you know, and just a great person and everyone who met him said that and just all the work he did so my heart really does go to his family and home. Thank you Travis because you know the type of Heroes and role models that we need in the world right like you it's not what happens. It's what you do with it. Right and he modeled that so thoughts and prayers to the family and it is a big job. I just been doing them by just everyone you know what I mean because he wasn't true warrior hero in any ways very true and recipes Travis try for sure on to the

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