Poll shows tightening race for Prop. 22 in California


Have no less than 12 propositions to weigh in on California is always big on its propositions. So much so that Ko Phi radio reporter Chris and Carlo has made an entire podcast out of them called Proposition, and I spoke this week about one that's got the whole lot of attention. Prop 22. Earlier this year, California passed a law requiring companies that that hire hire gig gig workers workers to to classify classify those those workers workers is is actual actual employees employees eligible eligible for for benefits benefits and and higher higher pay. pay. Uber Uber lift lift insta insta card card doordash. doordash. Those Those are are some some of of the the companies companies were were talking talking about what prop 22 would do is give those companies and exemption so they could still hire people is contract workers and not actual employees with benefits and said income, Carlos says Uber has been pushing a yes vote on this while a lot of uber drivers Have been urging people to vote No on prop 22. The problem is that for these tech companies it made there Model, their business model in many ways, non viable and so they have been fighting that law, and as a matter of fact, they have refused to adhere to that law since it was put in place and they have been in court suing encounter suing the state of California to avoid going in place complying with the law. Now it's important Tio understand that when we talk about prop 22, because Cop 22 is kind of a get out of jail free card for these companies. If prop 22 passes, it creates a kind of side framework for specifically these tech gig Cos Where they lay out what sort of wages they're going to pay. They lay out what sort of benefits they're going to offer, and it essentially exempt them from 85. That's why they're pouring a ton of money into this. I mean, we're talking about $200 Million ballot measure fight, which is the most expensive in California history. So you've got proposition 22. If you vote yes, that would let uber lift insta card and other companies who hire gig workers as workers. Be exempt from a law that says they must be considered employees and not contracted workers. If you are California voter and you vote no on prop 22, That means these companies don't get the exemptions. What do you think that How is the polling looking on how it's going? The polling hasn't been really conclusive. We've seen a lot of attention focused on the yes side because the money's on the outside of that $200 million that I mentioned roughly about 190 million of it has been raised in close to spent by the Yes side. That's where you're seeing all the advertisements. You're also seeing sort of in kind advertisement. So you know if you log on to the uber platform with lift platform in California boom, you get a little mini advertisement. Hey, don't forget to vote Yes, on prop 22 so It's difficult to assess whether or not this is gaining traction with people. It's also a very difficult questions of process because, yes, it sounds good if you are a passenger, if you're somebody that depends on uber and left if you are maybe an uber and lift driver you want this, But there are a lot of Hoover and live drivers that say Hang on a second, It would take a 78 vote of the Legislature here in California to overturn it, which makes this basically a law that is irreversible. It's almost impossible. To get a seven eight's majority on anything. The only other way to do this is to go back to the ballot measure process and try to undo it. But now you're talking about another $200 million fight, and the other side has all the money and your side doesn't What we're looking at. Here is a classic fight between labor and capital. I mean, this is the sort of thing that we saw during the progressive movement around the turn of the 20th century. But it is a 21st century twist where you've got, of course, thes tech based platforms that are According to the company's offering up a ton of opportunity for these drivers and for these gig workers, But for some of these gig workers and some of the unions that are backing these gate workers, they say that they're being taken advantage of. And the opportunities for earning more money continues to diminish Chris that Carlo Thank you so much

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