How to be your own boss in a remote world


Hi everyone and hope you're having a great week and we're back with another episode of the honey five show and each and every week we always bringing you some amazing some standing guests that are excelling in the work that they're doing today's guests will. Let's just say he is definitely achieving and really making making things happen. So he's he's in an industry. Where tech companies barely survived five years. And we all know the story You know people start up and they quickly fold but his company. They are an exception of the company. Is i gel. He's gonna be sharing more about that in just a minute. But the company itself started as a german hardware company and over. The last twenty years it's evolved to become a leading innovator of software for cloud workspaces within astounding success story really that no one could have predicted so and i was looking at some of their backstory really really interesting that the founder and a and i'm going to say his name right heiko glue going okay. It correct and he he would drive himself and his company forward continually and now into a very unique tell tale of Ingenuity and persistence and that is really as what has captured which was filmed. That was just released. Believe this story of jal technology so today i gel is led by ceo and he is breaking all the rules for the next edge os for cloud workspaces so welcome to the county five. Show the ceo of agile jet. Air's thank so much for that kind introduction. Connie tell tell me again. How do i say his name. I go okay okay. So i see no having his son living in germany. But i still don't know all of those pronunciations just came off a call with our german colleagues never ceases to amaze me the length of the words one word i counted twenty twenty four letters right but words together sometimes right right try. Try to pronounce them. So so you're the ceo of the company in in your group has been breaking all barriers and moving forward with these cloud workspaces. So how are you managing this type of competent company. And let's talk about how he managing this type of company and the economy of where it is today. It's been an interesting journey for me for sure. call me. i started four years ago in. They really had no. Us presence on my first role was really to bring jell into the united states so that was my first role in it was also a role to take over marketing so i took over all messaging relate. Most software companies are tech companies have to their their language into english is the sort of common language for for tech company so it was really Exciting opportunity for me. Because i was taking this extraordinarily great. It which had been shrouded in sort of german language for a probably at that point. Fifteen years okay. How do you put this into english. I and more business outcome driven model and really revealing some of the software. Ip locked in this year. I'm sure many of our listeners. Probably never heard a dumb terminal or thin client. But they're sort of purpose built like appliances. Almost that are used to to receive a emulate from a mainframe originally And so they're not very sad. It's not a very sexy thing in quiet. Dumb terminal anything with dominant orthite. Now it was it. Was this great opportunity to sort of list. The actual ip which was an operating system that was on hardware a lennox operating system. In fact that sort of was purpose built to to sit under these merchandise cloud workspaces which is right now in the world of cova da out people want the data or they're they wanna get it from the cloud and they wanna be able to move across any Location and get that securely. So that's really been the journey that we've been on. We've doubled the size of the company in the last four years and the us Whether it's retail healthcare banking finance sheri-. They've all embraced. This is the new new way and coladas obviously ushered in a even bigger Tailwind for for this solution. So yeah interesting. I took over as the ceo back february so ury Took the hell from our founder ago. Who actually has been working on this for Almost thirty years and that was february. Six new net confront of all of our employees and then the next day we had this huge a trade show where we hosted yomata thousand people in munich and zone moment and of course two thirds of our employees are in europe so it was like all right. I'll be right back. I'm going back home to your be home for a couple of weeks but I'll be right back in march twelfth number. Forget it was the thursday partly. I've been locked in this room just across the golden gate bridge in marin county for the last seven months. I have my. My husband was actually in germany. When when when that happened. And he's okay. I gotta go. i gotta come home. And as soon as he came back as one shut down the borders a key that that day so it really really interesting. So i mean pre cohen and in now cova hits by a really talking about new houston. Your you know you've been in this room for some good is like glossed and phobic here i have. I have a big space here so i have multiple rooms with that. I could use for studio. So it's like okay today. I'm going to go over that room too so you can get a change of pace what we're doing what we're looking at. So how how are you. Let's jump into bat for a minute. So how were you managing the productivity as a ceo. I mean in a remote setting. And i'm sure this remote setting is going to happen with your company cream-colored or even hopefully you know long after covert happens. But how is it changed. The dynamics of how you're working with your team remotely absolutely. I mean the challenge dry just the day to day in interactions accidents. That are that used out. Lot of virtual. We have a global management team. I have to people here in the us four germany and we were always on your virtual calls on a weekly basis but to have it in this sort of sustained We always broke it up with. Y'all be seeing each other face to face every quarter we would get together for a days so this is a new reality to go so long without a the sort of lack the energy that's created from humans being in a room together It's so much you can do through zoom right right definitely definitely is so much you how do you. How do you see them. You are just ask how to you or are you projecting where the future is going to take the business through digital digital's long term. It's very healthy for what we do know we. We basically are On the cost something. That's an architectural change in those as operating system. It's at around five years night

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