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To the election process. We spent hundreds of years in this country to build an election process that's safe. That's fair that has integrity and really too many places. We've thrown some of those long standing rules out the window. So he supports President Trump for not conceding the election. Yet he tell a Jim Banks Tells Wish TV then not until every legal vote is counted another record breaking day for Corona virus on Sunday, Donnie Burgess reports State Department of Health reported 6844 new cases of Corona virus across the state that brings the total number of Hoosiers who've tested positive for Cove in 19. Nearly 252,022. More people have died, making that over 4600 Hoosiers who've died due to the coronavirus. The state's overall positivity rate sits at 6.6%, Donnie Burgess 93. W I. B C Mobile news Even as Corona virus continues to spread, doctors are encouraging you to keep going to your checkup, screenings and getting your vaccinations. After Julia Compton, president of Handcock Physician Network tells which TV that a lot of people are canceling these appointments right now that people are canceling appointments right and left. As we see the covert search. What has inadvertently happened is people's fear of Cove ID has led to them putting off the preventative measures, she says. You should keep these appointments and get your flu shot. Former IU basketball player caliber Cheney is joining the coaching staff of the Indiana Pacers. Cheney played it I you in the early nineties, where he was a three time all American. I'm Kirk darling on the level on the go and

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