How to Overcome Challenges | Monday Marketing Takes: StockX


So we've got our guest today. Dina bari dina serves as stock x. Cmo detroit-based online resale marketplace dina has a history building beloved consumer brands having served as the cmo for three other companies including fox. Were super excited to have you. Dina our you know great to see you. All this is the last few together on are happy hour. Yes that's right. Well let's get right into the thing. I'm actually curious about gotta really epic background. What's what's on those shelves. Anything interesting and you can click on ebay. Not believe how much commentaries look shell set. The big joke is actually meant to be my house. We moved to detroit when i accepted this job. Right so we're six months. Seven months into living in michigan moved from california and we set up his office because my husband's business in works from home and it took me about four weeks to take over the office. There's everything in here from philosophy. In yoga books to there's a call habit porn right behind me and then all kinds of fiction from all stages of our lives but this this is the ultimate conversation. Ps right here. How do you consider yourself. How do you view yourself as a leader as since kind of the ethos of this like and and like all of us. We all gotten better. What has been the biggest thing that you've closed the gap on in your career that you're just like happy you're like well. I'm really glad. I got better at this because had i not. I don't think i could be the leader. I am today. Yeah well there. I think there's two things one of them going to echo. What laki said just a little while ago. The idea of being a thinker that can combine left and right parts of the brain. I think in marketing in particular that is very valuable skill And hard to find. So i think that is something that i would say. Describes my style holistic thinker. And somebody who likes to synthesize and integrate. And then i think the other thing is just being apathetic being A very like holistic person in the sense of like look we we we lose her.

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