Violent clashes in Washington DC after Trump backers’ election protest


Following the pro Trump MCA March in Washington on Saturday. What started as an election protest devolved into violent clashes with counter protesters. Correspondent Martha Raddatz has been traveling the country talking to trump voters and trying to understand how it's come to this, she says, spoke to many trump supporters in Ohio this week who basic Glee do not believe this election was fair. They think it was rigged. The message from President Trump has clearly resonating with many, many, many of his supporters. On the other hand, I have talked to Trump supporters ordinate Trump Trump supporters supporters supporters who who who who believe believe believe believe the the the the president president president president should should should should just just just just move move move move on. on. on. on. Those Those Those Those post post post post rally rally rally rally confrontations confrontations confrontations confrontations left left left left one one one one man man man man in in in in serious serious serious serious condition condition condition condition with with with with stab stab stab stab wounds wounds wounds wounds and and and and two police officers injured 63

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