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Welcome wire-tappers out there here in this video of gang. Lenoir beautiful fall afternoon not on the golf courses afternoon folks in here getting ready to record a podcast for y'all i have the grandson of james diamond. Jim brough cada. His grandson's name is bobby. Bre qatar now bobby. Did i pronounce that close enough. Yes sir okay good. I like to say my northwest missouri nasal hillbilly kind of trying funny. What about that. I just had a comment. Somebody said always seems weird to have a guy with a southern voice. Say the word capco. Now i don't really consider southern voice to you have got northern voice to people up this guy resume shah firm chicago to him. I have a southern boy. So a hewlett you guys. Listen to bobby talk a little bit and you'll hear that salt sweet syrupy south louisiana voice. Our true southern boys right. Yeah it's a little different than new. All has its own unique accent. I've been confused being from boston. New york no. Yeah you know. I hear that now. Wow i do hear that many dollars around the city you know. Talk to different people. You can tell what part of the city from interested in so now. Let's get to the meat of this. You've written a book here recently. Called food for kings. And it's part to crime as part history in his part a recipe book cookbook. If you will food for king diamond jim. A new orleans legend now diamond. Jim mocatta was your grandfather. And there's a really interesting book folks especially if you like to cook. It's got those really great new orleans recipes in it and this guy your grandfather. Your grandpa was one of the most colorful characters in new orleans from what i've read about him. It was unbelievable. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got interested in doing this particular book. Okay very first of all. Thank you for having me on your show. appreciate it. earth off a married with two children in military. Over twenty years i retired in two thousand and eight and i've been aircraft mechanic for american airlines and now delta. I picked up this project after my father died and wait basically he motivated me to kind of pick up the torch and carry it. My dad was a dentist for forty years and he always wanted to do a screen. Play or movie per se. He's never do it. I have i did a screenplay originally. But i didn't go anywhere with it so i decided a couple years ago. Put a book together and kind of tell a story about my grandfather while i'm telling. The story basically blended in combination photos and recipes as i journey through his whole life. I start off when he's a childhood and carried on throughout his life until the success of his life until he died. It's a good read. It took me about eight years to go through it and do the research are did get a lot of information from father. My father ahead a manuscript he has deposition that he had put together with a attorney. Back in nineteen seventy seven. So i use all that information and took my tom everything in the book that i've talked about a kind of support it with a document and the article. Either that was given to me handed down to me or maybe that of actually found in the library found a lot of information doing the research about my grandfather in the library his life. It was pretty easy because his life was documented since he was a teenager so every time i tried to fill in the blank. Something in my father didn't pass down to me. I was able to answer all the questions that i wanted to answer about his life. You know interesting. That stuck a little bit about his early life. He fought under the name of jimmy moran which is kind of like no joy hupa in chicago took on an irish name in order to fight. I think more likely it was a lot of prejudice against italians in those days. Especially in new orleans. If you remember we go all the way back to the black hand days and they they killed the chief of police some Supposedly some black hander. Kill the chief of police in of new orleans storm to jail and hung. I dunno must have been six or eight say ends i. I can't remember exactly for sure. How many so. It would have been wise for him to fight on her an irish name. I would imagine tell me about his fight career. Let's get started. Well that was one thing. They kind of treat. My curiosity was widely. Any changes his name in the book. I did find a quote where someone asks them. Same questioned do an interview. He said he did for business reasons. But that was part of it because you gotta realize he didn't get into business opened up first restaurants on nineteen forty nine. He changed his name. I found articles where he had his name change in teens early. Nineteen hundreds. He hung around a couple of friends of his feet. Herman who's an italian pita. Golota was his last name. And the other guy. By the name of powell moran. His name was francis. Paul miranda and all of them were full blooded italian as you know and you listeners. Know that back. Then the titans will kinda frown upon. They weren't considered equal. Maybe to a lot of different even the irish whatever. So i've found out. He had changed his name one. He didn't want his mother was fighting when he was on the fighting card. You know and during the preliminaries in hours fighter. Irish name would draw big crowds for fight. A lot of people don't know new orleans was actually a big boxing city equivalent to chicago and new york but on a smaller scale of course but it was a big boxing town in a drool audit. And that's how he got to meet jack dempsey marciano. You know all those big fights back then because they came to new orleans and then he connected so his first circle of friends will all italians. pete. Herman was abandoned. Champion thinking sixty nine fights from nineteen twelve to nineteen twenty two now as far as my grandfather. He wasn't as big of a boxer as those guys. He did it for my research. Maybe about six years and then he got a little older. He got into referee in and he started refereeing. He did that until about twenty seven years old. Then that's when you up his barber shop in the open up a barber shop with a boxer front of his last name was burke in as when he got an barring after referee

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