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Let's start the our in one of germany's power cities frankfurt in an interview recorded just before the global pandemic lockdown typically berlin. Munich can steal the show at the german city of frankfurt shines on its own as a modern city that also offers a great look. Today's germany devastated in world war two bombings and rebuilt with a new design. Today it's a gleaming city of towering skyscrapers and powerful straddling the mine river and the mine river is find riverside park lined with museums and taverns that are popular for their apple. Wine to learn more. We're joined in our studio by two german guys. Caroliina marburg and barbara ship kofsky barbara and carolina. Thanks for joining us. Thank you having us. Currently know when people think frankfurt in germany. What do they think. What's the reputation of frankfurt. The reputation is of. I think in english it's referred to as banquet but we more often call it mine. Hatton mind being the river that runs through it and mine. Hatton the reference to manhattan so skyscrapers banks and all that which however implies a certain lack of soul and therefore a lot of germans like well frankford so it's it seems to be just bank money trade however if you actually get to know it. Compared to at first sight frankford is a love at second side because it is it has a lot of local. Beauty has a lot of local charm. But it's something you need to discover. Yeah and it does have a shiny skyline. It's a city of skyscrapers. I think mine. Hutton is a good name because in germany. There's nothing so close to new york as frankfurt and it's a beautiful sky and they take care of how it is assembled so even though it keeps growing it's nicely assembled. There's a pedestrian bridge across the mine. River the irony. The irony is energy and when you stand in the iron bridge. You've got these beautiful parks on both sides of the mine river and then you've got this skyline and it just feels like a kind of a german new york. It's actually the recommendation for some a night is to go to the other side of the mine river and sit down on the green get. Maybe a fish sooner and napa valley and then marvel at. That's gallon i you know. Most americans they go to to old stuff. I love to see modern skylines also. I like modern architecture. London is great for that and in germany. You wouldn't find that in munich that's for sure to find it in frankfurt and the the big skyscraper that's open for the tourist as i understand is the tower named after the river and it's fifty four floors tall six hundred and fifty feet up there and the terrace on top is just an amazing view at the city. Now barbara one. We're thinking about frankfurt. It also has obviously a lot of history. And i know there was a big struggle in the nineteenth century when germany was being united. There's a small states that spoke german and there was prussia and there was and those were of the leading contenders to be the force behind which germany was united but apart from prussia and bavaria. You had a bunch of little states than looked to frankfurt talk about frankfurt in eighteen. Forty eight and how that was part of this german unification while you have in frankfurt. The famous poet skier it used to be an actual protestant church and if somebody gets the german medal of honor. I'm gonna macos going to give that to that person. In that church it goes back to that assembly in eighteen forty eight. The first national assembly democrats were getting together and saying this is what we want. We don't want the monarchy. Let's be democratic country so it was sort of the home of the german Feeling for democracy rather than autocracy. Yeah you mentioned pulse church. i think. The englishman repulsed. And that's a museum for that today. Essentially can go and see paintings and etchings that period. Our german tour guides to frankfurt on travel. With rick steves barbara schakowsky and carolina marburger.

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