WWJD with Shelby Seelinger


Today. Special guest is the author of do what jesus would do. Welcome to the show. Shelby ceiling Welcome thank you for having me. I appreciate you being here. Appreciated it so tell us a little bit about that book of yours. Well the book is a told my my wife when i finished it. It's the longest sermon ever written Back in back in the dark ages. When i was going to seminary was about the time that W w j d what would jesus do was making the rounds and write. A lot of conversations can seminary about that and i had a serving the church at the time and and we discussed it. A lot and i had several servings on it and i got to thinking about it and i said well. That's an interesting question. But what's the answer. So i took twenty plus years and and the last four years in in writing the book and and decided to finally answer the question And so that's the genesis for do what jesus would do taking it from a question and then putting it into action. What did you find out. I'm just dying to know well It's something. I had had preached on for a long time. And it's it's taking well it did was i took the beatitudes out of matthew. Five and just took that part of the the sermon. It's the that whole series of Verses and chapters is the largest single piece of Literature that we have that jesus spoke at one time. And i said well i can't do the whole thing so i wanted. I looked at it. And i decided that the beatitudes the heart of what jesus i think was really trying to tell us. This is how we should treat one another. you know. be kind to one another Help those who are less fortunate than ourselves and put into action. What jesus ministry was all about reaching out to others one person at a time. So you've taken this one sermon. This one on speaking of jesus and this is this is what you are politics for these jets. They always at the same time. I'm recording if taken this one sermon and this is this is how you are viewing. Jesus you're taking this and this is going to be your Interpretation of his character is and and and you're taking you blessed are the poor or the meek and and people who suffer essentially exactly exactly and I cover a couple of other things. In in the book you know the the power prayer And those kind of things and if if you look back in if you're if you study the words that The bible uses blessed be. I mean that's a blessing. So jesus is really saying you know you're blessed if you if you do these things so that's that's really you know. Today is all about getting something out of it. Not just doing something we seems like. We have to rewarded when i was a kid Mom and dad would say if you clean up your room you can go out to play or you know nowadays if if you If you meet your quota at work then you get a bonus that by doing what jesus asks us to do. We are blessed in ways beyond just getting to go out and play or get a bonus from work.

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