Thousands of Trump supporters rally in DC


This evening quite a change from yesterday when downtown streets were packed with thousands of President Trump's supporters protest ng the election results Counter protesters met the marchers as well. Police largely kept the clashes from breaking out between the two sides. But there were some skirmishes after the rally ended. W T o p Talk to D C police chief Peter Newsom. Supporters of President Trump and counter protesters turned violent overnight. A man was stabbed near the intersection of New York and 11 Street at around 8 30. He was taken to a local trauma center. Thousands during the daylight hours is it is it got into the evening? Hours after dark. We had a couple of groups out there. That seems kind of intent on getting together and having these altercations and so it required are police officers. Intervene to get between them. DC Police chief Peter Newsom tells w. T o p that they arrested 21 people during the event. Four of those arrest came from gun charges and total D C. Police confiscated eight guns during demonstrations. Others were arrested for charges ranging from simple assault to disorderly conduct. Two police officers were also injured. Luke look at the beauty O P news President Trump

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