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Passaic River Bridge. That's between corny and New York that is for a weekend project. Our next traffic update lesson 10 minutes away on WCBS the forecast in the Weather Center with meteorologist Bill Digger. Cold front approaching, the tri say will be the big weather maker over the next 24 hours out ahead of it. Partly sunny as we head into the afternoon, becoming windy. A high of 60 clouds build in late in the day, and we'll see some showers and even heavy storms both through late this afternoon and evening, somewhat damaging wind gusts. Overnights and I windy and cold is skies clear lows from the mid thirties in the suburbs of 45 in midtown. Tomorrow. Windy and cold. This starts sunshine in the afternoon. Ah, high of 53 52 degrees right now, With the mix of sun and clouds, Mork clouds at the moment than sun here in the city, 54 suffer and 57 Ridgewood, Queens. 46 degrees and ride 11 12 at WCBS. Welcome back to the program. Rick Element here. We're talking about Proposition 15 and why it's a big deal that got defeated. Most states get most

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