Independent election decision.


Warnings were given to Dan Bongino and other conservative accounts after they claim that President Trump won South Carolina. Associated Press and NBC News. Both projected that Trump would win South Carolina. These two outlets had been approved by Twitter as having the ability to make the calls. But individuals apparently Could not express opinions about winning and losing on Twitter. Twitter also announced that it would label or remove falls for misleading information intended to undermine public confidence in an election. Well, who decides what undermines public confidence. Twitter dunce. The company released more clarification. Quote, will consider a result official when announced by a state election official or when calls were made by at least two of the below national news outlets that have dedicated Independent election decision. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN Fox News. Well, that's really all right with me. They could be designated as the go to people for official designations off winning or losing, But you shouldn't ban people. Who have an opinion that a certain state goes a certain way. That's not freedom of expression. So who is really being protected here? Whose Twitter and Facebook protecting I mean, who cares if anybody predicts a certain outcome on anything? Come on. And this becomes very important because we have corrupt polling. Everybody knows that If you go to billo'reilly dot com tonight, I will list all of the polls. I've got the election entirely wrong, and there are only four of them that were even close to getting it right there about 50 poles on Ly four. We're in the ballpark. It's a scandal. Holing in the United States is a fraud, and I have called for watchdog groups to sue the individual polling companies for fraud. You may not win, but in discovery, you'll find

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