The Suffolk Strangler

Serial Killers


His tone was descending into panic in the final weeks of two thousand six but forty eight year old steep right was on top of the world. He had gotten away with murder twice. On second passer-by found the body of gem adams the second woman he killed his first victim. Canyon nickel had still not been found. What's more his devoted girlfriend. Pamela suspected nothing. The steve she knew was a shy unremarkable. Man who loved golf soap operas and her homemade shepherd's pie but without even knowing it pamela was a part of his deadly nighttime routine. Pamela night shifts at a call center every evening right came home from his own shop as a forklift driver. Ate dinner then drove pamela to work after kissing her goodbye. He drove back into town where he picked up sex workers in the red light district but more recently rights appetites took a darker turn. Now he wasn't looking for women to sleep with. He was looking for his next. he was meticulous. He used gloves to handle. The bodies then carefully vacuumed his car and washed his clothes right. After by the time. Pamela arrived home at dawn. He was in bed. Sound asleep the day. The body was found right and pamela. Were watching the news on tv. Pamela pushed her plate away unable to eat another bite with horror. I'll bet the other one's dead to without missing a beat right kept eating and said yeah. I bet you're right. Most people wouldn't be this calm watching their murders become headline news but right wasn't like most people. Vanessa's going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the episode. please note. Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. But she has done a lot of research for this show. Thanks greg rights. Calm behavior during this period and his uncanny ability to lie to his loved ones could indicate antisocial personality disorder. Although as far as we know he's never been diagnosed with this or any other personality disorder. Right fits many of the criteria for apd as outlined by the dsm five a pattern of deceitfulness of failure to follow through on personal or professional obligations hostility and a lack of remorse for hurting others. Key lied to his partners about using sex workers for years. Dating all the way back to his twenty. He had a long history of bad debts and short-lived jobs and seemed free from remorse for the violent abuse of his second wife. Diane though it's not clear what was going through rights head at the moment has murders came on the news. It seems that he wasn't afraid of getting caught. In fact it's possible. The discovery made him more anxious to kill again. The day after gemma's body was found. He was back on the hunt. On the evening of december third right picked up twenty four year old. Analii alderson of feisty. Mother of one analyst struggled with drug addiction in her teenage years and was never able to shake the habit in the last months of two thousand six. She turned to sex work in order to make ends meet. She was last seen alive that night boarding a train around six. Pm on underway. Way to ipswich where she was known to work the streets few hours after she arrived in ipswich she crossed paths with steve right. It's important to note that right has never offered full accounts of his murders. So we can only piece together a possible version of events based on forensic evidence and later testimony. What's uncontested is that right. Drove emily back to his flat on london road just a few minutes away from where he picked her up and they had after they finished analee. Try to leave but wouldn't let her. He made a habit of choosing women who were physically slight and stood no chance against him. It was only too easy for him to overpower her and strangled her to death shortly before two. Am a traffic camera captured. Right driving out of it switch. He drove several miles southeast with annelies body on the floor of his car stopping in a wooded area near the village of nakdimon there he prepared to dispose of her body just as he had ten years and gemma's but this time something was different right left his first two victims in water but this evening he chose dry land at instead of simply dumping attlee in the woods. He arranged her body in a cruiser form shape on her back arms outstretched side to side like across even with this extra attention to detail. Right was back home by three. A m as always. He washed and vacuumed his car. Put all of his clothing in the washing machine and went to bed.

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