Sensuality And Spirituality With Dr Wafaa Eltantawy And Habeeb Akande

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I wanna start by mentioning that when we spoke about the of phone call a couple of weeks ago and i said i would probably do like a disclaimer at the beginning to say that you know today. We're having a conversation. That's a very mature topic. And you're just to kind of put out that when i did that. Both of you kind of shout. You pretty much told me off. I wouldn't say shower felt. I'm really sorry but what i felt like. You are trying to cover up or trying to introduce a topic which is very crucial for muslim societies and muslim people in a way like covered this what we are doing in six. We are covering everything up so people. Don't know anything about so. I felt like this is the time we need to open up and we need be able to speak about it. Frankly and say satelites name. I think i don't know which i'm gonna pinot a new but someone said that was infantilism. The muslim community by so she's pointing to your said was by even suggesting or thinking about framing in that way he did say that. Do stick by the as this similar to what to what i up it. Mrs important compensation for people of all ages again. We're going to be respectful wisconsin age appropriate. I don't think this is only a compensation for people of Age of twenty five for example married people who are unmarried people Married people are divorced. People looking to get married should listen to this conversation understand. What does islam say about sex intimacy. And what and as muslim allies understand about and this important topic. So i think it's a subject that should be important beneficial for everyone so to be honest like a after that that call which is a very interesting call in its entirety. But after that specific moment i did think about it quite law and i think for me. It needs to know. Is that the kind of reservations i have about having. This conversation is of that kind of cultural baggage that we have within the muslim community when it comes to talking about south city so it was. I mean i appreciate being told guys. I'm just. I just thought it was interesting to to mention that because it really did get me thinking before he just wanna take my health to you because even if you found this conversation diffic- difficult we have another the fact that you're win so kudos to vandals. So the fact that we're having a system board to That's not really a woman but competent in this subject. Because i think it's easy as men foster talk about this subject again for things important. We have a muslim woman and his qualified can speak about that muslim. Women can resonate listen to understand from so critters to for again by an environmental terms. And i think is one like part of it when when we were speaking. Initially that i you kinda get one show at conversation like this and you wanna do it right. You won't be able to be able to listen with an open mind and actually take on what's being said and as you said if it was two men for having the compensation than sisters would fill like. Oh it's xyz two sisters discussing it. Men feel kind of sideline alienated from it. So thank you both kind of agreeing on. Oh you guys don't know each other from beforehand. So but i guess what's what's also really good. Is that you both come from very different disciplines and perspectives on this. I think that that's jump straight in So the first thing for me was about the i guess. Let's put out there. Is there a problem with how sex is perceived or discussed within the muslim community. And i guess dr wafaa will start with you on that one yeah. There is a huge problem. Same communities about how sixes addressed or Sexist talked about and we see clearly in our work. Six is not never been talked about a tool all in muslim communities and even stocks when it when it is talked about it's talked about heddon and nothing is clear and you you mentioned as well. You kind of travel to the middle east for conferences and and have are in those kinds of spaces where these things are happening. Is there a difference between the the obviously folks to the muslim community muslim communities here and there with regards to attitudes towards sex and all of this was just mirrored regardless of where you are in the world. I think this stuff is mattered. Are mannered a lot of it mattered. Because you would find that. Most agricultural they have organization. The more or less like six is a temple. Never ever talked about it when you marry with what we're gonna do and your husband will lead you and that's frustrating for me when i hear there and six thirty six is not good sexes about all. Support your husband is about how to serve. The man and i found this restraining. I work with people because they only there because they were told to do it. They are not engage. They are not having any sexual pleasure and is something. We need to talk about

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