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Jilani has powerful friends presidents bill clinton and donald trump. I just wish her well. Frankly hunting jilin global original podcast global the media. Entertainment group prevented a podcast commissioning. Partnership with denso's story lab they're ray content investor producer and distributor operated by advertising agency. The first podcast to be produced his hunting jalen her story about jilin maxwell it'll be presented by jones. We need in his first project since leaving the bbc. Paul bane have announced podcast wellness week a week. Daily panels and speakers about mental health meditation and a positive mindset from november thirtieth events. Free to watch live pod. Smooch is a new service allowing podcast is to have one place for that. Episode's merchandise and sponsor links megaphone now appears to support vast her method of allowing multiple third party companies to serve ads on podcasts nineteen and their support in september. A write up of the recent podcast day online highlighted. Some yougov studies into podcasting. Saying the bbc sounds the most popular podcast app in the uk. That app only includes podcasts. And a handful of third party the winners of the portuguese podcast awards were announced. We've the full list to which we've added. Podcast hosts as well. Congratulations if you're one of those winners pods claims to recommend podcasts. Specifically for you and allows you to keep your existing podcast player. Alana source now has been announced as the new head of marketing audience development for podcast one. And how discoverable is your podcast. Headliner has released the podcast. Discover ability greater a free tool to help. It gives us a score of ninety percent marking us down for not being with a cool kids on instagram. And podcast news. The piper is a new drama from something else for the bbc. A modern take on the pied piper fairy tale stars thames in auschwitz and a soundtrack by bat for lashes. Natasha khan the corona virus. Radio ideas awards took place yesterday. Two podcast awards in there the best podcast creativity and entertainment when to bbc. Radio four's comedy podcast. Now wash your hands while the best podcast long form. Storytelling went to the spanish language. Post scandal lose from podium. Podcasts produced by longtime pod news reader. Francesco is a sweetser. All of the witnesses links from our show notes now newsletter. Today race at work is new from the harvard. Business review you can hear leaders from business and governments trace their personal journeys with rice equity and inclusion and learn from their mistakes and their triumphs and the london philharmonic orchestra has launched lp offstage exploring the lights of castro musicians. Covers everything from how to keep your instruments in working order to life on the road as a classical musician.

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