An Olympian's Perspective on Overcoming Obstacles: A Conversation with Chaunt Lowe

Blazing Trails


The skills that talent and a willingness to do it and look for ways to include them. It's not all are looking for a hand out. They just wanna opportunity in. So i didn't take back in to my own children. My daughter wants to be a youtuber. I want her to be a high. She's twelve inch to like me so I know he had arranged to go. And i look at her and she doesn't want to do what i want her to do. She wants the opportunity to be a youtuber. And on like okay. You're gonna break your mama's heart but you know. Let me start nurturing in this name. Let me give you opportunity to show. Maybe you do great things that i've ever done. Maybe you become a newscaster. Maybe do amazing things that provide a way for you to go to school. But i have to create the atmosphere of opportunity for you and so fast ward a little bit and i started after elementary school time to rough. It was a woman in this woman. She was lucky she had a shoe store. Her husband was the sheriff of the town as she calls all that up sold. Her shoe store bought a double wide trailer in the middle of the hood. And this is a white lady. Were blond hair breach. Long hair red lipstick that she wore mostly on her t pain to the hood. Drop that trailer down. It opened up a recreation center. And she made us. Hey one quarter to go. Let recreation center. She was not going to give us a handout. She's a you want it. It's there but you have to go and find a quarter every day. I'll go accusations of designing laying on the ground. Take him to replace those at the beginning when recycle was popular that with money for those kids. I'll take that twenty cents every day in house able to participate in tap ballet jazz in track and fields and it was my first introduction to organize sports and i got the opportunity. I was there as soon as they opened in the morning at seven. Am near to close it. In at night. I was there during the day i will go to school. I was the home after school. I'd come back. Go the recreation center. And that is when i developed the deals that ended up putting in a position of being able to earn solid in the now on sitting here my sophomore year in college. It's the olympic trials. Mainline all ladies up in a accolades so they have this one woman. She was a six year. Amy cup american record blab of them in the crowds. Go wrong and then there's another woman on the other side of me may say timra american record holders women crowd goes wild and she had already been eliminated and they get to me and they're like. Oh here's shocking. howard howard. At the time. I noticed the air high-jumper changing their name to low. It took me years. Yeah have a whole complex. But they say mining they're like. Oh here's sean. Pay a couple of people who have this little college zero in little. Do they know that. Because i had already had my opportunity. I was ready to seize that moment. I stood up at a bounce. A little bit like you see hydrocare's do leave ran dona bar and cleared it again and again and again and again until i made olympic team all that will pay without paying off your so. I got to go to the in this apart while. Talk about diversity. The olympics and i see tens of thousands of people different people. I see a man. I saw yao-ming her slow second olympics. I saw i dunno was one of the all bring together when you go. But i saw him meet. His cap was bigger than my space. He probably stood one or two feet taller than me. And i'm sitting here looking like. Wow that's one of like in exchange pins repeal that turn around and then i saw gabby douglas in she whit to like my ribs in she tiny and then i see the chinese to gymnasts Inner tiny so that's a little. And then i see venus and serena outside of the away. We'll they're just a little bit bigger than need with new I realized that there was such diversity shooting in the olympic village bat. No one person was insane that if you think about it as a body that was is there was eyebrows. Elbow handles bigger split. Everybody has their different In what makes him unique and special. Is they discover what part of the body were and fine. Tim developed and perfected to the point where they were the best at what they did. But nobody's gonna come in. Just watch your knee. Do dump all himself. Nobody's the media coverage is going to be around that we're not going to travel across the road just to watch young by itself. Nobody's gonna watch the gabby by herself. Nobody's gonna watch neak compete by myself. And as much as we love serena i love her whereas what we love her. I'm not want to see her by herself. What makes it beautiful as that. Everybody comes together. Everybody plays their part and we get to watch the entire being as a whole that looks important in our workplace in our personal lives in our families that we understand burst who we are. What part of the body play. I get to watch the protests and everything. But that's not a part of the body. But i'm what i like to use my voice. I come and talk to people like you. And i had to say what's in our be the voice of the people. I've met to be a now. Somebody else might be this in. It's okay and it's like. I love the fact that here in our country or here in this world. We all are playing a huge part in making sure that our world is safe from kobe. Nineteen and our world is looking at racial injustice in trying to fight back using what we had were when we have so the takeaways orange want is to get on mytalk. Today is looking for opportunities to find. That child on the sideline look for people that want to be included but are not try to find ways to create opportunities for the next part is i want to create nurturing environments bat make opportunities for people somebody be that big eject coach that lady with the lipstick honor to be that somebody in the third thing is comes in three parts noah part of the body that you are appreciate your body that other people are and find a way to

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