Holiday Lights Drive-Thru Show Opens At Boston's Gillette Stadium


Route one in the area of Gillette Stadium, don't be surprised to see some flashing lights coming from one of the stadium's parking lots. Ah, lot of flashing lights for the first time. HBO's magic of lights Drive through experience has come to Fox Borough as we hear from WBC's Kim Tunnicliffe. More than a million colored lights adorned digitally animated light displace along a mile long path in the parking lot. Lot across from Gillette Stadium. It's a fun way to get in the holiday spirit, all social distancing. At the same time, you can pack up your car with the family and drive through the light show, which includes a Winter wonderland, among other things, the 12 days of Christmas so you can count and do them scenes in your head. The Victorian village There's a native itty seen their sports and then you end up going through the enchanting tunnel of lights, which is a 200 ft Long tunnel that encompasses your car, and it flashes and blinks and is all sorts of fun Stuff. Magic of Lights, marketing director Brett Pegler says it takes their crew of 10 workers about a month to put up all the lights. The show is running through January. 2nd Kevin Tom, a Cliff WBZ Boston's news radio. It's 7

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