Jake Wood of Team Rubicon Talks About His Latest Book 'Once a Warrior'


Would team rubicon. Welcome a dose of leadership my friend. Yeah thank you for having me on. Obviously i love having primaries here. Mix conversation really easy. I know this is going to be a good one. But man So i followed you ever since team. Rubicon kindergarten Our mutual friend pot. And you know he was involved with guys and he told me all about you. And i've been meaning to have on you for for years and i got sidetracked and you get new book. Said gosh dang. I gotta get you out here so get while i'm excited to join it's It seems like a great time to beyond the shadows of veterans day and the book coming out this week. it's no time like the present absolutely and Happy belated marine corps. Birthday by the way. Thank you two hundred forty five years young man. Oh kin well the the new book coming out once a warrior is out and highlight your story of going to iraq and then coming back and team rubicon reason why i love this book so much i love what you do is one thing i talk about on the show lot is and i think our our main obligation the only obligation where we're here is to make the place better than we found it in that seems to be something you've dove into. You came back from iraq and trying to figure out what your purpose was right in and it's like embrace this mission of trying to make the place better than you found it. How does that resonate when you hear me say that. Yeah i mean. I think there's an element of truth to that. I think there have been a couple of points in my life where you know. I thought i was at this decision. Point where i was either to pursue a life of service. Or i was going to go to do something like on wall street. You know and the first time that i hit that juncture was when i was graduating college in ultimately i decided to go join. The marine corps. Wasn't ready to go. Where a suit. And the second time was when i got out of the marine corps. I thought okay. Well you served a lot. I just got back from iraq afghanistan. i feel like. I've done my part time to go. You'll make some money. Or you know where suit and in then i kind of stumbled into team rubicon and in clearly over the last decade having been one to wear too many suits one thing. I'm curious when you were playing football. Wisconsin Right was it. Wisconsin did get that right. Yeah yeah and obviously the ward kicked off eleven had happened. You decided to go and list which. I highly commendable. But why didn't you consider becoming an officer just out of curiosity. You know there were there. Were a couple of things that lead into that I was the practical. So i i did start speaking this officer selection officers about perhaps going in as an officer and you know bear in mind like you said i played football right so i i. I started exploring this right after my final game which was on january. First two thousand five and i was an offensive tackle for wisconsin. So you can imagine. I'm six foot six two hundred ninety pounds and So i meet this captain marine captain and i tell him think i wanna be an option. He looks me up and down. I don't fit the bill or hate him. Officers are trimmed trim guys and gals right and he asked me goes you know. How fast can you run three miles. And i kind of shorted got pretty mean you know. I haven't run three miles in five years But i can tell you what my forty are dash. Time is any said what you've got to be able to run in eighteen minutes. If you want to be an officer. I said okay. Well that's that's pretty aggressive but there. If he told me i needed to do when he was. You've got to be able to do twenty pull ups to. That's that's not a problem. And then he asked me the the real question he goes. You know you play football. You have any injuries you having surgeries as well. Yeah i mean. I had my shoulder. Reconstructed is my foot reconstructed. I dislocated my other shoulder. And he just shook his head and he said you know what. You're a lot of paperwork kid. I got people lined up outside my door. Join you know to go see us right now and he never called me back. Wow a yeah. But then that was coupled with us some conversations. I was happened with with some veterans. That i knew who are coming back from iraq and afghanistan and they said you know jake if you really are looking to get into the fight in. You're looking to lead people. Their perspective was that this was a squad. War know that the company and platoon maneuver warfare was over and that this was really a squad based warrants. They said you go. Be a non commissioned officer. Be corporal or sergeant in. You'll get all the leadership that you want in. So i took that advice to heart. I i stopped trying to get that guy to call me back in. I got what i wished for. I came an nco. And i led marines and combat.

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