Emily in Paris Is Apparently Supposed to Rhyme, and Twitter Was Not Ready

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Emily in pairs so of course the summer. Everybody's been watching and tweeting about it. But according to netflix's we are all saying. The show's name wrong okay. Netflix exposed this tweet yesterday. Writing friendly reminder that inland pairs is supposed to be pronounced with a french accent. So emily and paris rhymes. So it's actually emily and there's no first of all. Don't take my money. Am i streams and then coming. Correct me when i was like. Oh my god. It's actually tiger but you go into the bank every week and saying chrissy teigen checks for years riano was okay when the grammy's announced riana now you wanna give us. You really fell in a white man. I met what's next. i like. He was like. What can i come up with. That could let out a little frenchaccent on. I agree i agree. It's ridiculous it's like an also it's like friendly reminder as the personnel there was no reminder. You didn't tell us in the first place were you know he. S yeah. there's a lot of time to correct everybody and quite frankly just be happy. People are watching. You know what. I mean coming back more on an steam like mean everybody changing. They stuff right now. You know like leaving the way it is now. That's what we call. It was recently just renewed for a second season. So do you think with this new season. That's why they're trying to get in front of it with the hopes that people will say it the right way now now. This is really reach and i hear it. Yeah i go to paris. I enjoy paris. Yeah yeah pretentious. Petty ridiculous a little ridiculous like no one really says that no. I just don't feel right right. Well we're gonna keep it the same. And i think everybody at home too but you know thanks for letting us know. Netflix

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