Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Said this weekend that Democrats


S. Senate. Still hangs. In the balance. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Said this weekend that Democrats will change America. If they can win to run off elections and Georgia and not just changing America. He said. We'll take Georgia will change America and then we'll change the world. It's what he told the rally in New York City. This weekend. Meantime, Senator Ted Cruz from Texas says Those two run off elections. And Georgia. Are the on ly way to stop a runaway freight train. If we have a Chuck Schumer Senator Joe Biden presidency, they will pack the U. S Supreme Court. They will end the filibuster. They will pass massive tax increases, they will pass the green new deal, destroying millions of jobs. If we have a Republican Senate, none of that happens. And so it's it really is, by the way. If they have a Democratic Senate, they'll add two new states to the to the country. Teo give them They believe four new Democratic senators, So if you want to check hopefully, Joe Biden does not prevail at the end of this, But if you want to check on Joe Biden if you don't want to go over there The edge to the socialist abyss. Georgia is the big enchilada, the socialist of this well. Socialism's looking like a major political loser. This election cycle, but Don't tell that to New York

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