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State of Mind


Ninety such counting astronaut is just something that i felt was just unobtainable is something you just cannot get to was at that moment that i decided i'm just going to go for it. I'm always care then. The day that i won't feel fear goes that's lack of consciousness. What kind of situation can i put myself in to keep me feeling that intensity and that energy that brought me into this whole thing in the first place when you take a closer look at some of the world's most accomplished people you realize a lot of the success comes down to one thing i've had to teach myself to be less and less afraid of conflict on this makes me very powerful. Some of you might think that. I'm crazy for me. Being crazy is living without question and that is their state of mind. Be prepared in. my mind is to me. One of the most important things people's year that they aren't leadership material is literally the only thing that makes them not leadership material. Your dreams your epic. Life is on the other side of fear read. Drive comes from love for what you're doing. Go on charlie left. What is it that you love to do. In this second season of state of mind. We continue our search to discover uncovered and understand what drives some of the world's most successful people in how particular mindset acts as a catalyst for success. He gets an idea in his mind and he can very quickly turned into something. That's real and if i can suppress my ego guess what. All of a sudden becomes a strength and not a weakness. We're get inside the hats of possibly the first woman just to foot on the moon when things go wrong because things are always going to go your way how you handle that is going to be a testament to your character. One of hollywood's most successful romcom screenwriters watching someone. Change is the cornerstone of every single screenplay. It's just the person changing that's all you're going for.

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