Instagram redesigns its home screen for the first time in years, adding Reels and Shop tabs


Instagram began really not an update that puts shopping and reels on the apps. Bottom navigation bar. The reels button is now in the middle of the bar. Which replaces the new post shortcut with the shopping tab. Replacing activity activity and new post. Buttons are now placed in the upper right corner next to the messages box. Us shoppers know that black friday sales are no longer limited to the friday after thanksgiving and the world's largest online shopping holiday singles day is doing the same thing today normally takes place just on november eleventh. One one one that's part of the signals thing but the discounts started as early as november. I this year and alibaba the leader in singles day sales estimates that a gross merchandise value of three hundred seventy two point. Three billion yuan was taken in in its singles day sales. That's about fifty six point. Four two billion dollars. Us it's a new record for the event for alibaba however the record falls under the shadow of new proposed anti competitive rules in china that would limit pricing flexibility to kind of their celebration. Samsung announced the x. Knows ten system on chip a premium. Phone chipset that offers eight. Cpu cores ten gp cores and an integrated five g modem capable of both sub six gigahertz and millimeter wave. The knows ten eighty is built on a five. Nanometer process includes a dedicated neural processing unit and dsp with an image signal processor capable of supporting a two hundred megapixel sensor. Samsung didn't have any launch devices for this news. Soc just yet speaking of arm based processors first benchmarks for max running apple's new m one chip or showing up on geekbench and they look pretty good. The macbook air recorded a single core of sixteen eighty seven and a multi-core score of seventy four thirty-three that single core performance outranks any other available mac benchmark on geekbench the multi-core score beats all of the twenty nineteen sixteen inch macbook pro models as well Benchmarks are good for the other ones as well. Thirteen inch macbook pro. Shows a single core score of seventeen fourteen multi-core sixty eight. Oh two and the mac mini shows up at sixteen. Eighty two single core. Seventy ninety-seven multi-car. Back in september pudgy. Mobile was banned in india due to its ties to ten cents. The south korean pudgy corporation. Now says it plans to create a new indian subsidiary to oversee a relaunch of the title designed for the indian market the game would maximize data security and cater to local preferences and feature changes like characters now starting fully closed no needy or using green liquid instead of blood and setting the game and a virtual simulation training ground rather than real life

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