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We're here for another editorial podcast. We're gonna go around the horn. We have with this gin marston jen. Hello chris albrecht are you. I'm good how you doing mike. I'm doing well. I feel like today's this week is a little more relaxing than last week. Which i know about you guys kept hitting refresh. My browser to get news. Don't have to do that this week. just a little bit of a relief on that regard but the the food tech news is actually pretty hyper active this week and i feel like there's been like three or four stories around mcdonald's in the new plant beefburger alone chris the mkx plant. Can you tell what's going on with that dude. I have no idea. It's kinda crazy. So they announced yesterday they had some investor virtual investor day. today were recording on tuesdays. This was monday suddenly like. Oh we've got this thing called plant. So this is a notable for a few reasons. One of which being mcdonald's has sort of sat out here in the us anyway on the plant based burger craze so whereas burger king introduced impossible whopper last year and white castle has it's impossible sliders and even burger king had an upper. Kfc had dipped its toes in with some pilots on plant based chicken. You hadn't heard anything from mcdonald's than they had run some tests with something. They called the plt eighties. Kid makes me think of pyti but the plt up in canada which they did in conjunction with beyond. Now here's where it gets interesting. Because in the announcement yesterday they said. Hey we're making this plant Which on its own makes you want to say macpoilin for those people who watch the it's always sunny in philadelphia the The so this mc plant burger is coming next year But they didn't say who what they said. Actually they said developed Culinary team made by mcdonald's for mcdonalds so hearing that was like okay. they're making their own. They tried beyond didn't do what they wanted to do. So they're making their own and then a lot of people reported this right so beyond stock took a tank took a dive yesterday. Because they're like. Oh you're not be doing it for mcdonald's and then mcdonald's came around and said oh actually you know actually rephrase this so mcdonald's center around a clarification and let me just because this gets crazy so their pr person sent me calms team. Sent me an email saying in the same way. Mcdonalds has not run its own farms. We are not manufacturing plant based meat for the client platform notice. It's a plant for platform about a food We will rely on our suppliers the third leg and mcdonald's three legged stool blah blah blah blah blah. Right then it says mc beyond meat was our testing partner for the plt plant based burger in canada and we have not announced which suppliers we will work with on mcclymont so clear as mud like cagey cage. Yeah well and then beyond came out yesterday and said hey actually. We co created the plant and You know they were but that was on their own call. Mcdonald's didn't say anything about it right so The but beyond said beyond meat and mcdonald's co created the plant based patty which will be available as part of mc plant platform. But they don't say going forward. That beyond meat is the supplier right. So this may sound muddled because it we're still trying to figure sort through the news it does sound like there may be implying it but there's no definitive i did I think you may be posted in the slack. The picture of the beyond beyond meat stock in lewis. One of those pictures were it. Went off a cliff around eight. A m and win. There's a curfew Around at all of a sudden jumped back up like it was a huge like And so i. I don't understand the kgb's mcdonald's wants everyone to think that they do everything themselves. But like we know they don't grow their own potatoes or simply naito they. We know that they work with the we know they don't own a cattle. The work with farmers wasatch secretiveness. I i don't have. They ever co branded a burger before I don't think so no so. I mean that you could say that for anybody like i don't have white castles. That are burger. King has ever done that but you know they look at impossible. Burger right with the impossible Beyond the big. Doesn't i mean burkey has impossible right rapper. And and i guess from mcdonald's perspective maybe thinking well there's not a lot of differentiation if like all of a sudden a bunch of other fast food restaurants are having beyond meat in their burgers I think maybe they just wanna claim that it's uniquely felt for them I don't know other than that. I can't really feel why. I mean i think then possible walker was developed. Fairly uniquely for them. I mean it. Has that weird kind of gross x-ray on like that a grill taste or that flame royal tastes that his uniquely burger king. Impossible has Which makes me think they've spray somewhere chemical on it but But i i get it and by the way mc plant can we just discuss the name a little bit like myself walked in. He goes dead. Mcdonald's has a new plant burger called mc plan because he goes. I started laughing. How dumb the now. This is my teenage son. So yeah it's not playing well the number that it is has it said. It's like so absurd. You can't forget it

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