Donald Trump refuses to concede defeat


The last few hours. The people's republic of china has congratulated. Us president elect joe biden on his. Victory last tuesday's this means that the list of nations still reserving judgment has dwindled to russia brazil north korea and intriguingly mexico. Mexico may just be passed. Caring trump himself maintains that he has been deprived vase second term by some monstrous fraud although the most dogged of his attorney rudy giuliani have unaccountably failed to furnish any evidence for this assertion as we go to air. I'm joined with more by scott. Lucas professor of studies at the university of birmingham scott. This is now a near clean sweep of recognition of president-elect biden from abroad. Is that having much impact. You think on american domestic politics well. Donald trump is dog in to The bunkers constructed inside the white house. And as far as i know he ain't coming out anytime soon. and even if it's now His friend vlad moscow and his. Flynn mr bolsonaro in brazil. That are the only ones left enabling that no it doesn't affect domestic politics because far more important than the foreign signals are those from within the united states and while a lot of republicans are privately concerned About the damage. That's being done to their party. Let on the. Us system by trump refusing to knowledge. President-elect biden you're still looking out officials within his administration who enabling him like william bar who's politicized the justice department to inquire into the election light. Mike pompeo who's politicized the state department to talk about a second administration. And most importantly the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who has given for now support to this trump effort of throwing mud at every courtroom courthouse wall across the united states. Hoping that one case can make it up to the supreme court. I mean it's been a patent we've seen over the last few years and we've talked about this a lot. The idea that these will that the strange spectacle of these extensively sensible respectable republicans indulging enabling and excusing donald trump. But the has at least before now seemed a rationale to that which is that. He is the president of the united states. He does lead their party. And that's the way for them to get things done but the position. He's now wait in the last few hours. Arizona has been called for biden as well. If i've done the maths right. Even if trump's somehow clothes back pennsylvania and georgia which seems fantastically unlikely. That still won't be enough anyway. So those enablers do they genuinely believe any of this and if not where the what do they think. They getting out of another two months. You know that. That's a great question. And i don't think anyone beyond donald trump and maybe a couple of believers around him you know. Put any stock in the idea of fraudulent stolen election. And i don't think anyone everybody else can read the out that you so adequately summarize that you know. Joe biden is up by now sixty thousand votes in pennsylvania. He's likely to hold onto his lead in georgia. And if even if he lost us to stage right. Joe biden still has two hundred seventy electoral votes but the calculations were be different depending on who. You're talking to so for example. If you talk about mitch mcconnell. I think he's still relying on the idea that he needs to get those two senate seats in georgia to have a fifty to forty eight majority if he loses them both. The democrats have control of the senate. So he's going to ally himself with trump to make sure that you get high voter turnout amongst the trump. I if you talk about. Ted cruz. Lindsey graham marco rubio the senator who all have presidential ambitions in two thousand twenty four. They all push trump's conspiracy theories and disinformation because they see trump is being important to their political futures in other words beyond donald trump in this election is the long-term question of trumpism. The republican party. It might be a fractured republican party. But there are those who still see trumpism as being essential to their political futures. And that is what is really damaging corroding the american system short term interest versus. What should be the wider interest of an administration to deal with corona virus the economy and wider issues. President trump has been doing an amount of warning on twitter over. I notice from his feed that he has not yet got up and running today. And it's now just past seven. Am in washington dc. He has not however a spoken at least in public for a few days now. Is there anything in particular. We should infer from that. I talking talking. He doesn't want to admit he's lost. It and trump needs a rally. That's what trump feeds on so just simply going out in front of the reporters right now and you know telling them that their fake news. That's not what he wants. He wants to get that ego soothing balm of those people who will sit there and applaud him with make america. Great again now. They're interestingly enough. There is a gathering of pro-trump gathering in washington dc. Tomorrow it has not been sanctioned by the local authorities. but would it be the case that donald trump's suddenly makes us reprise appearance in front of them. I wouldn't rule anything out. But i think beyond that marcus that the the question here is that we've got some trump advisers who may be telling him. It's time to step aside. But if he steps aside there's already talk that he'll then immediately declare a run for president in two thousand twenty four and there are other advisors who were supporting like rudy. Giuliani which says keep fighting. This whichever camp has favor with him. At the moment there is this real protracted battle over what trump does in the next few weeks but what he does over the next four years and that means that for now he may not make cards tips and as it were publicly. scott lucas. Thank you for joining

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