Meditation: Refuge in Living Presence

Tara Brach


Take a few moments to set yourself and whatever position you'd like to be in for the next. Oh twenty minutes or so for practicing and as you're ready to close your eyes and with your eyes closed feel. That kind of arriving are settling just notice your attention coming right here into the moment let yourself be at home in the moment as a way of supporting that will do little breathing together. Some long deep breaths so extending the in breath breathing in and you might count for five as you do filling the chest in the lungs gliding right into the out brass counting to four five slow smooth release inhaling again filling the chest in the lungs county to four or five and then that slow out breath and sansa letting go as you breathe out relaxing outward releasing again the in brass counting to four five slow smooth out breath letting go letting go again breathing in long and deep exhaling slowly seep. You can soften down to the body as you release the braff allowing the breath to resume. Its natural rhythm observing feeling the breath noticing the quality of presence that has begun to emerge. This presence can grow as you scan through the body now relaxing. An opening might let the is be solved the brow smooth feeling the tingling and vibrating in the area of the is perhaps a flicker of light and darkness bringing a slight smile to the lips incense the smile on the inside of the mouth opening to the sensations in the mouth. The teeth gums the tongue. Let the awareness spread to the face relaxing. All those little micro muscles that we use maintain an expression where the scowl the call since the volume the weight of the head allowing the shoulders relaxed back down. Some not awareness. Fill your shoulders. Tightness or tension. There you might imagine and sense that can float in awareness

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