Why Michael B. Jordan was chosen as People's Sexiest Man Alive

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Sexiest man alive. Two thousand twenty is another michael jordan and just an objectively correct choice for just off the bat. I have to say listen. I both went through stints where we were bills ascent. I currently am which meant that. We brought his guests in whenever he would have celebrity guests on his podcast. And i cannot remember a male guests that made as much of a flurry among the wringer women. When he came onto the lot as michael be there were people. I won't name names but jordan liggins was sitting outside. She was like casually working outside. One day i was like weird. We're choice people were stationed across the lot to see him when he came in. It was a bath. Y'all i can think of two instances where there's gonna be s podcast guests. I like made the rounds pass. Bills office just right. You know why. Advisory michael jordan was one of them. I actually was surprised. I'm shocked he has not been named as in the past. This suggests easy choice. Like it's easy in the best way like he is people sector the people's sexiest man. I cannot believe this hasn't happened yet. I agree i. This is my. I was surprised about this choice because it was just kind of seemed to obvious where he had he should have won it before. And i kinda thought if he hadn't done it before then like he just wasn't quite what they were looking for which is wrong and also i was like what is he done this year because usually when they pick these things. It's someone who has really been in the news who has had some huge project you know it was the rock. It was blake shelton when he was like the voice. You know it was john legend and it's usually like tied to someone who's just been in the news a ton and had a really big year so when it was michael jordan i was like what was he in this year. However twenty twenty three movies so through all that could be during his done with. Tsa in his profile is he's donated to charities. He has been at home as all the responsible celebrities have been doing and like sitting at home donated the charities and being hot. it's just like peak twenty twenty. So i apologize to michael jordan for thinking that it wouldn't be him because that's all you have to do is twenty twenty and that's great happy for him. Each year grows more and more embarrassing than blake. Shelton was named anyway. Okay so let's go to some of the people we thought we're to be named the sexiest man of twenty twenty. So gotta give a quick shot to our producer. Kinda you can jump in if you'd like but i say who thought it was going to be. Which is dr fauci or shawn. Mendez goes on. I just the spectrum of twenty twenty runs from dr fauci tucson mendez. I really thought. I would something dr fauci as you were. Yeah amanda the moment. He had a bigger year totally. I was thinking. Chris cuomo john king obviously big cnn. Gal i thought it was joey king for a second. I was like joey king. That'd be cool. Little switch up kissing booth three. I don't Also thought. Jason derulo oliver tiktok. I thought chance the rapper. Maybe patrick mahomes the athlete not to flex on my sports knowledge. I'm dan love you. Who was in shits creek. Big actress doctor and a lot of these people were in the issue so we actually had a lot of good guesses in terms of who would be included because like we said they have a lot of little sexy participation trophies to hand out My predictions for the cover. As you know. I'm just to online and sometimes i think that the people who are talked about online are the people that the rest of the world is also obsessed with. What's actually michael jordan's a peak internet boyfriend. So actually i do. I think i was on the right track. I thought it would be a chris evans and pine both had a shot. Because they obviously chris evans very politically active This year and then chris pine has wonder woman coming out and christmas. So i thought maybe he had a shot. Kiat was a long shot just because he would never agree to this. I don't think i think he's overdue. He won a long long time ago. Let's bring back. He was also included in the sexiest happily settled guy which was category so he did get a he got he got something in there and then i said robert pattinson who i don't know if you would be into this like seeing repents and twenty twenty people shoot just seems like a weird fit but maybe next year when he's batman. I thought i was like you know. Let's just give it to brad pitt. Again twenty twenty. It's kind of a throwaway year or so like just give it to him again. like church. sure he hasn't had it in like what. Ten years repeats list over time over the decades. Sure exactly. he's still

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