South Dakota gripped by pandemic as governor resists mask mandate


Been experiencing a large upswing in covert cases. CBS's David beg, No says Even now, some in positions of influence, are reluctant to acknowledge that South Dakota's facing a virus leader of Sanford Health, the largest health system in the Dakotas. Has given people reason to question whether there is a crisis here. It's hard for me to say we are at a crisis crisis that that would would be be misleading misleading from from a a clinical clinical standpoint. standpoint. But But CEO CEO Kelby Kelby crabbing crabbing Hoff Hoff isn't isn't a a doctor. doctor. His His chief chief medical medical officer, officer, Dr Dr Allison Allison Subtle Subtle is Would you classify what is happening here in the Dakotas as a crisis? I would one expert in South Dakota. Says the state has the highest hospitalizations per capita in the country. Last week, South Dakota had more virus deaths per capita than any other state.

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