The election in Georgia, right


The unknown of the vaccine and the vaccines results or it's obviously being distributed. As well as the uncertainty that many have going into next year. And the uncertain tax climate of what that's gonna look like to protect our money, especially against all the stimulus, all the Fed throwing more and more money at the fire. And clearly, somebody having to pay the bill. So one of the articles I want to share with you is how Joe Biden's tax increase wish list could affect you, you know, proposed changes to capital gains and estate taxes could radically alter planning for many. Right, So right now we have very little time to figure out what we can do to not have a major estate tax difference, right? That's being rumored to go from about 11,000,500 per spouse excluded from US state tax, not state income tax, but a state tax A swell is what obviously is gonna happen, right Tonto Ax cutting Jobs Act and how much buying is going to strip out of that toe? Push the rates back up, right? We know on corporations. He's proposed to go back from 21. But back up to 28. Not all the way back to 35 many places there obviously passing a higher minimum wage when businesses are having a tough time making payroll or even staying in business, let alone now having to increase payroll. Um, I mean, the writing's on the wall, folks. It's going to be very topsy turvy, right? The biggest complication right is the really the run off of the election in Georgia, right to determine. Is this all going to be controlled by the Democrats in the House? The Senate In the White House, or will the Republicans continue to maintain control of the Senate? Because much of the rumor is a lot of these tax initiatives will absolutely go through if the Senate's not held by the Republican Party. If it does go through. I won't waste your time. There are so many tax changes not for the good, especially for high income earners or those listening to have saved at least 500,000 more likely in your tax deferred for one case or IRAs, especially those you listening that have an income higher income of 400,000 more you are Biden's tax target. And you are being means tested to pay for all the deficit spending on a state level clearly on a federal level, and that money is going to come out of your hard work where you've worked hard and you've saved hard, but I've good news. There's things that you can Do And this is the key is figuring out in the question. The answer is Do you have Truly have a retirement attacks protection in market correction plan. See all the way from raising in temp tax rates to raising long term capital gain tax rates to imposing more so security tax write a limiting deductions and the list just goes on and on. Don't let the Corona virus and Biden derail your retirement. I think of George Judy in their late sixties early seventies, both in very good health. Judy just retired a few months ago, George is still deciding to work part time and had some simple goals right with the with the rising of taxes. What can we do to prevent that from impacting our retirement Well, Here's what they wanted, accomplish tax savings and making their money last not overly focused on a legacy, although they don't want to leave a tax legacy to their kids, and they don't want to have to have the kids take care of them. George comes from a family that has a long bloodline of dementia. They want to make sure they have enough money if something would cause a health setback, and they really have never been given tax planning or real actual money protection management. On day as a result of that. Judy. It's basically said Look, I am so scared that we can't afford nor we able to lose any more. And we really want this money to last and not have to depend on our kids and older age. You know, we don't really understand the market right? We've way obviously rely on people that have a track record and also have some defense mechanisms in place that have a track record of measurable results that give upside opportunity with either reduced or completely eliminated. Downside. And obviously, these folks almost missed a major tax saving timing window

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