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Yeah i agree I think there's a lot of people in the community who push back against that. They that they don't want touch on the mac. I just don't understand that. The mac will continue to be a primarily keyboard and track pad mouse system right. I mean even if we say it looks like it's touch truth is a lot of big sur. Isn't like open system preference panes. A lot of that stuff is still really tiny. And if you look at the way touch works on windows it is secondary you're still be bopping around with cursor and keyboard and then you can reach up to scroll or tap something if you want to and i think that sort of secondary level input. That's where touch belongs on the mac and you know the iowa apps are we can talk about it. They're they're fine but especially with some of the games. Apple's had a really kind of reached around their elbow to get around the fact that there's not a touchscreen and at this point it feels just like they are ignoring the writing on the wall. This is how computers work now. What that looks like the desktops. I know that's not my problem to solve. But i think especially on the notebooks. It's it's overdue. And i agree with you that i think these early apple silicon macs. At least the ones we have right now. They're definitely do for some more technology but on the other hand these are the entry level models. So what if the no sixteen. The better thirteen inch would if the touch bar shows up. Sooner than a couple of years. I don't know but i agree with you that i think it's i think it's time and you know apple says oh We talked about it earlier in this episode. That oh you know apple. Says that's not how they view big sur. Whatever will i mean. Apple says stuff like negative things about things. They're planning right. No one wants to watch video on an ipod boom later. There's an ipod plates video. Right so i think they've got to do it. Man i think they got to. And before you light me up on twitter or e mail. The what i'm thinking is not a touch based operating system but a touch friendly operating system you know. Why can't you just select a menu item. Move slider or run an iphone and ipad up by touching your screen. I don't think i would use it a lot. But i think having it. There makes a lot of sense as i'm loading ipad iphone apps onto my device. As we're talking i've got overcast. Loaded up on this macbook air. And you know it's not a catalyst ap texas kind of small but it's responsive in you know you. Can you can rearrange it a little bit. It goes to all the way down to the iphone size if you go narrow enough but you're doing a lot of two finger gestures to move around us one of reach up and touch it like it's breaking my brain that i can't do that and i think that if iowa's obser- really going to be successful on this platform i think the cursor is not enough. Yeah my favorite I've been running is dark noise. It's just a simple noisemaking out but there's never been a good one for whatever reason nobody ever bothered to make one very easy to trigger it with the mouse. And i i'm really not running that many. Ios apps the the stuff that i run on ipad usually has a mac version already. I'd rather use the mac version on the mac but they're out there and it's a nice additional feature but i think the real story here is. Here's a mac that doesn't get hot runs three times as fast as pretty much anything you can own and is gonna double the battery life. Just i mean i. This is going to be a big deal. I totally agree. This is the dawn of a new era. And it's super exciting. Yeah yeah and It's it's such a fun time to be making that power users because we get to watch all this happen. Somebody told me. I'm being mean to you about your mac pro. Yeah yeah. i don't think it was that mean to him. But but i do think that this you know. The mac pro is like the stake in the ground. The ultimate performance of an intel chip and. It's just scary. How fast everything is catching up Now i'm looking at single numbers. I'm like oh no. But it's still night and day multi core and video in particular. So you know and i bought the mac pro we we all assume this was coming right and in in my even though he's a laptop like do shows on the road anita be good for that. Might my bread and butter is here at my desk on this production machine. That's not running big sur. Anytime soon i would rather have for work. The last great machine of a of era than the first new one. And i bought this mac pro and spent a lotta money. It's by far the most expensive computer purchases. I've ever made knowing that this was going to last me for years and years and and really my plan. It's so fast and my needs so. Well is to run this. Until i can't until i can't anymore and then transitioned to whatever apple. Has that basilica in a. I wrote the person back gave me our time about this. I said but the also you can't put an array of drives inside of macbook error and like you just like it's it really is like trying to compare volkswagen bug to a diesel truck. I mean they just are such different devices and they solve such different problems but you know there will be at some point. An i mac. That's going to make this macbook air like a snail and hopefully ultimately they'll be some form of a mac pro. That does the same thing and men just think about the rest of the industry. I mean not only is apple eclipsing its own. Intel chips eclipsing. Everybody yeah when apple says it's faster than ninety eight percent of pc's or whatever whatever that number was that include samak's who's a bunch of macs that will really. I think it's faster than all mac laptops except a fully specked sixteen inch macbook pro. But i don't quote me on that. But just from what i've seen of the benchmark so far and then that's the other problems the benchmarks. Everybody says look the benchmark but this is that benchmark is misleading to apple's detriment. Because the other thing they've done is they've built in this special supper teens into this chip where you look at the way that it encodes video. It's got its own encoding. Algorithm built into the chip so it goes way faster than that benchmark would reflect. Yeah you know. These much are much more than the benchmark. It's it's to me so much about the experience that it's really quiet or even silent that the battery life is unlike anything. We've seen on a mac portable before you've got to put all that together and the benchmarks while they're a good gauge of sort of that raw performance. It doesn't tell the full three d. picture and

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