Interview With Chelsea Hirschhorn


Hey everyone it's genial. I'm really excited today. And i have so many questions because today chelsea her short our guest on skinned from the couch. She is the founder and ceo afrita a company that makes products to make parents lives easier. I'm so excited. Because i like in my soon to be future. I will be obsessed with these products as my friends already are. It's one of the top selling parenting brands on amazon and you can find their products in over thirty thousand stores across the country chelsea. Thank you for being here. Welcomed skin from the couch. Thank you for having me a dory guys skin from the couch and take on a whole new meeting. yeah. I think everyone now is working from their couches. Okay we're gonna start out with an easy question. Skim your resume for us. Ooh okay. i worked in a candy store in high school in my town in in westchester my parents. Instill that of work ethic in both me and my siblings from a very young age but pressing fast forward too many details that far back i graduated from college went to law school where i met my husband and during law school. I was a legal intern for the new york. Mets my summer internship know the legal internship. When you're in law squad to your second year of law schools are a pretty big deal and it usually ends up. Hopefully if all goes well was an offer at the end of the summer and so my my summer internship after my second year of law school was with gotcha which was the pre eminent. Bankruptcy firm is started with them a second year of law school that was in two thousand seven and then got my offer. September two thousand eight. The world imploded. They actually asked. If i would start early. I started with them. I think it was like october. Two thousand eight. I joined the restructuring group and my first experiences. A lawyer was filing a general motors in american airlines bankruptcy and lehman brothers so spent about two years there and then my husband and i got married in about two thousand ten and he was general counsel for a brazilian private equity fund. That had just acquired burger king. They asked him and one of the other associates from the firm to go down to miami and run the restructuring. that's for burger. King is space and was founded. I left while you know shortly after we got married. Florida has what they call authorized house. Counsel's you actually don't have to take the bar if you work in house as an attorney. So it's really focused on finding an inhouse role and at the time removed. The miami marlins baseball team could had experience in baseball from law. School was opening a new ballpark so previous to that they had actually the facility from the miami dolphins the football team and they didn't have their own ballpark so they were building their own miami. I was brought on as associate in-house counsel director of non baseball revenues. So for the first time in franchise history. They were going to be trying to drive revenue that wasn't affiliated with baseball revenue. So it's sort of you know my first foray into running a peon. Al like an entrepreneurial or business unit within a large the larger confines of a much more resource organization and so i was there for four and a half years. I got pregnant with my first son a now three and we bought our first house in miami beach and my neighbor i was still working for the marlins in house. I was about probably six months pregnant at the time. My neighbor who was like the mayor of our blocks is lovely swedish woman. She invited us over for dinner and had been time about this business that she had started in her garage really and it was still in her garage. Had a few boxes of this swedish nasal spray that she sold to pediatrician's offices and baby boutiques and her kids were now teenagers and she wanted to know anyone. Miami interested in taking over the business. And i said you know about my okay my era i wasn't a parent yet. It didn't even it almost like went right over my head. Yeah i couldn't imagine what. The product was an eric as she wants you to buy the inventory for her. Then eventually you take over an hour running freda yes fast forward. What something that people can't find out about you from google earth lincoln that i really you know up until that moment i really was not a risk taker at all. I told the line. I did what was laid out for me and i i would never in a million years have predicted that i would have veered off. Course

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